Update from the Principal – 14th March

Update from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Last weekend, we had a great time at the beach clean up! – thank you to all of the parents and families that attended as we cleaned a whole section of a wonderful beach in Amwaj. In total over 250 bags of rubbish were filled and the change from before and after was absolutely incredible to see. Last year we filled 100 bags of rubbish and this event was on another level, we were delighted with the overall impact and want to maintain this on our calendar. Thank you to everyone for giving up your time and to Miss Kate for organising this. 

Projects like this are very important to our community and an opportunity to give something back to the beautiful Kingdom of Bahrain in which we live. I hope that the children in Nadeen School can use these events to see the value of looking after the environment and contributing to sustainability projects in the coming years. We look forward to our next beach clean up next year!



Thank you to all parents for your support this week as we have started Ramadan. It has been a smooth transition and the school looks wonderful with the decorations in the main reception and throughout the building! Information about ECAs was sent out last week and thank you for taking extra care at the end of the day at 2pm with the increase in traffic.

As a building update, we have installed two new large screens in the Swimming area and Sports Hall to use for tournaments, fixtures and events. These can be used to display fixtures, results and student information. Additionally, the teams can use these to show video demonstrations and a whole host of other ways to engage and inspire the students in class. We are delighted with these two new resources in school!



Thank you to our Inclusion team for working through the IEP (Individual Education Plans) meetings during the last few weeks. These meetings and plans are essential to providing the best education and meeting the needs of all students and I know many families have been involved in this working together. Thank you.

If you get a chance to walk on floor 1, out of the lift and towards the Sports Hall, you will see lots of fabulous artwork that has been created by the students with Ms Rien. The sculptures and ‘psychology of colour’ are exceptional pieces and all of the students have done ever so well!



This Saturday, we wish our Key Stage 3 ‘esports’ team the very best of luck as they compete in the COBIS esports platform with Mr Phil!

Next week we have IPC exit points, Global Recycling Day, Virtual Open Day (For those not able to visit the school, please click here to register), International Happiness Day, Arabic Mothers Day and World Down Syndrome Day.

We are excited to announce that we are now featured on Radio Bahrain, and we are gearing up to launch a comprehensive marketing campaign across the Kingdom, starting with lamppost signs and an advert on the LED screen at Amwaj Cineplex from Sunday, March 17th. This marks the start of our dedicated efforts to promote our incredible school for the upcoming school year beginning August 2024! Stay tuned for further exciting announcements in the near future!

Have a great weekend!

Dr Paul Walton






The below image is from our Key Stage 3 pioneering esports team


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Urgent Communication  

All urgent updates continue to be sent via email or SMS for emergencies (School Closure).

Please monitor your emails for future updates as this continues to be the best way to send out clear and consistent communication to all parents. Check that you are receiving emails, have enough space in your email folder, that they do not go to your ‘junk’ folder and if you are unsure, please contact info@nadeenschool.com, see reception or phone on +97317728886 to personally check your contact email and phone number on record.

If you change any contact details, please inform the school immediately.

Health and Safety

All urgent Health and Safety announcements will be sent directly to parents via email.

We will continue to work together to follow all health and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of diseases as recommended by the Ministry of Health specialists. Together with your constant cooperation and taking responsibility by keeping your children at home when feeling ill, will also have a significant impact in limiting the spread of diseases.  Thank you to all members of the community in advance for this.


Please keep your child at home if he/she is ill, has flu or cold symptoms

Virtual Learning

Last year it was announced that it is no longer mandatory for schools to provide Virtual Learning for students, shared by the Ministry of Education in August 2022.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the syllabus system for the coming academic year 2022/23 in all kindergartens, schools, universities, government and private educational institutions at all stages will be mandatory attendance for all students.  The ministry clarified that there would be no choice for parents to attend their children to receive in-person or remotely learning, assuring its keenness to provide for all the requirements for a successful back to school.

At Nadeen School, following the announcement from the Ministry above, our provision for learning will be on site.