Update from the Principal – 2nd November

Update from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all parents for your support with our Hallowe’en celebration this week! It was a wonderful event to host for the first time in our new campus and to utilise the playground space enabling our students to have an exciting Halloween parade. We really appreciate the time, effort, and support from everyone to make this event a fun and enjoyable experience for the students, the costumes and outfits looked incredible!

This week we have also had our first use of the swimming pool for curriculum lessons and the launch of our Nadeen School Swimming Academy. Thank you to everyone that has signed up to these clubs and we had over 200 students enrol in the first two days. There will be many more opportunities for our community to get involved in clubs, events and programs to ensure everyone can be ‘water safe’ throughout the year. Thank you to everyone for supporting this and for your patience as we develop our swimming provision at Nadeen School.

A quick reminder for parents who use drivers to pick up their children from ECAs. Please ensure they know which club and location they are going to when collecting your child. Also, they can ask at the front desk or phone the school in advance if they are unsure of anything.

Thank you to all parents for filling out the Parent High Performance Learning survey, this is open to every parent in the school to help us with your feedback. For the HPL survey click here. 

If a parent can offer Spanish as an ECA, please get in touch with the school via info@nadeenschool.com as we are looking to increase our ECA provision.



Thank you to all parents for attending the monthly Coffee Morning. I have added all updates below for your information. It is a great opportunity for all families to hear updates, meet other families, and welcome others into the community. I hope to see you soon at the next one!


    1. Hallowe’en – thank you to all parents for an excellent event. Lots of ideas to make it even better!
    2. OPEN DAY – next Monday 6th November ( All parents welcome, to RSVP click here). 
    3. Start of year presentations – these continue with IGCSE Subjects on 7th November (to RSVP click here), Little Wondle Phonics on 13th November
    4. Update from the Principal – questions listed from the previous coffee morning are in the UFTP Thursday 12th October.
    5. Secondary Students using Science Labs – they are, students in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology as per the Key Stage 3 syllabus. More equipment has arrived for Biology (Test tubes, beakers, glass, just released from the port and has been delivered this week) Please contact Mr Phil for more questions.
    6. Coding to be taught in Computing? – yes, the students will be learning Python. This has started now.
    7. Cooking Classes – we currently have 3 clubs for cooking, more will be added to Term 2 for older students.
    8. Robotics for Secondary – This will be in the new MakerSpace rooms (4) orders arrive for Jan 2024. It will start with an ECA and also be used in computing lessons for practical work.
    9. Uniforms – a review of term 1 meeting with Kapes will be held on Monday 6th November in person with Ms Shanee and Mr Paul. All previous points will be discussed.
    10. Coffee Shop – decaf coffee, dairy milk to be used, a variety of sandwiches, etc. Feedback received.
    11. Catering companies – ‘Calo’ company was used for a food taste test this week.
    12. ECAs – information will be sent out soon for term 2.
    13. Debate classes – Debate classes are only for Primary this term, proposed for Term 2 and World Scholars Cup.
    14. Ecoventure – Please email Mr. Kyle for any general questions and then Miss Jade for Year 5 and 6 and then Mr Matt for year 7-9.
    15. Parents to use the lift for babies/strollers – yes, parents can use this with a baby, please ask at reception.
    16. Learning Support Process – Please email our SENCO Miss Agnes a.monan@nadeenschool.com
    17. Cooking classes – ECAs are running, shopping for ingredients? no, not in the plan for this term.
    18. IGCSE advice (Do’s and Don’ts) – yes, sent out and organised by Miss Stephanie.
    19. Kapes Review meeting – Review meeting (06/11)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   — the new stock is arriving as planned and as previously messaged in mid-November
      – an assessment of the current system shows that there are no pending deliveries or emails to answer
      – all feedback RE: skort design has been taken on board for a new model, as well as feedback RE: other items (zips for example)
      – returns and pickup locker has been installed to facilitate drop off and pick up of items (lower fee)
      – Kapes available next week for a visit to Nadeen school and face to face review meeting. For questions about the ‘Why’ for Kapes or what opportunities it will lead to for our students in the future, please email Miss Shanee: shanee.puri@nadeenschool.com or see the launch article here: https://www.nadeenschool.com/nadeen-schools-sustainable-uniform/
    20. Swimming Swimming lessons now in operation for Nadeen School students.  Over 220 students signed up for swimming academies.  For more information about Swimming lessons please email k.lemmon@nadeenschool.com
    21. Swimming Academy – For more information about our Swimming Academy, please contact 24N on WhatsApp 24N Enquiries at +973 33628667 or visit @24N_Active on Instagram.
    22. Positive Behaviour Policyhttps://www.nadeenschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/07/Anti-Bullying-and-Hurtful-Behaviour-Policy.pdf                                                                                  https://www.nadeenschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Behaviour-Policy.pdf
    23. Teacher conferences – Please feel free to contact the teacher via email, organise an online meeting OR arrange a time with the teacher to meet in person.
    24. Alumni Area – 18 graduates are now displayed on the wall
    25. Student learning area – ready for Science practical work/3D models by the students
    26. High Performance Learning Survey link for parents – HPL survey click here 
    27. Weekend events – Sports Festival 4/11 and the Arabian Celts Gaelic Football 
    28. Food tasting/food deliveries – A group of parents and students tasted our proposed food delivery with ‘Calo’.


    1. Can Early Years have swimming lessons?

    Yes,  we will have an EY Splash Day on Sunday 26th November, this will be for them to familiarise themselves with the pool before they start their swimming lessons in Term 2.

    2. Please can Year 1 have a session to discuss how technology is used in class?

     Yes, our team will email Year 1 and 2 parents and invite them in for a presentation and information.

    3. Can we have more ‘Wake up, Shake up’ events?

    Yes, more will be planned via the sports team.

    4. Please can we have more Wake up Shake up events and active events in the morning?

    Yes, our sports team will send out more information.

    5. In the future, can Ecoventure and other trips have an email and face to face meetings before they go?

    Yes, all international trips will have a face to face meeting, starting with the Ski Trip.

    6. What are the routines in the morning?

The greeting and welcome in the morning is incredibly important for the students as it serves the purpose of a check in, social boost, emotional support and to start the day with a positive attitude! A good start to the day can make a huge difference for a child. Teachers provide and put out books, activities, play music, educational videos, greet students and create a climate for learning that makes the students feel a part of the class. A slide projected on the board with an outline, quote, question can also make the start of the day interesting.

    7. Can we meet teachers outside of the teacher conferences?

Yes, please use email, face to face appointments or online meetings to catch up about the progress of your child. This can happen during the term and not just at the teacher conferences. We recommend speaking to teachers whenever you have a question about your child or progress, please email your class teacher.

    8. Can the events have a time allocated next to them?

Yes, our Marketing team will update the calendar to show this.

    9. Can events show ‘type’ dress up or awareness or optional?

Yes, our Marketing team will update the calendar to show this.

If you are free, it would be excellent to see families attend the Sports Festival this weekend (Saturday 4th November from 9am – 11am) and also the upcoming Arabian Celts Gaelic Football event on 10th November at the Rugby Club with Nadeen Students participating.

Have a great weekend!

Dr Paul Walton





The below image is of the taste testing session with Calo. 


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Nadeen School – All Events for 2023 – 2024: For a printable PDF click here

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Urgent Communication  

All urgent updates continue to be sent via email or SMS for emergencies (School Closure).

Please monitor your emails for future updates as this continues to be the best way to send out clear and consistent communication to all parents. Check that you are receiving emails, have enough space in your email folder, that they do not go to your ‘junk’ folder and if you are unsure, please contact info@nadeenschool.com, see reception or phone on +97317728886 to personally check your contact email and phone number on record.

If you change any contact details, please inform the school immediately.

Health and Safety

All urgent Health and Safety announcements will be sent directly to parents via email.

We will continue to work together to follow all health and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of diseases as recommended by the Ministry of Health specialists. Together with your constant cooperation and taking responsibility by keeping your children at home when feeling ill, will also have a significant impact in limiting the spread of diseases.  Thank you to all members of the community in advance for this.


Please keep your child at home if he/she is ill, has flu or cold symptoms

Virtual Learning

Last year it was announced that it is no longer mandatory for schools to provide Virtual Learning for students, shared by the Ministry of Education in August 2022.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the syllabus system for the coming academic year 2022/23 in all kindergartens, schools, universities, government and private educational institutions at all stages will be mandatory attendance for all students.  The ministry clarified that there would be no choice for parents to attend their children to receive in-person or remotely learning, assuring its keenness to provide for all the requirements for a successful back to school.

At Nadeen School, following the announcement from the Ministry above, our provision for learning will be on site.