Frequently Asked Questions


Please find a selection of useful topics and questions that have arisen throughout our school year.  We hope that this collection can give you a helpful insight into some of the topics we have discussed as a community.


School, Students and Learning – Day to Day

1. How do we see what our children are learning? – You will receive an email from the teacher every Thursday and also you can follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the latest photos, posts and updates about what we do at school each day.

2. How do we support students who are anxious from other schools joining our school – We have a supportive pastoral system, buddies are assigned to new students, families can attend a ‘meet the teacher’ event, teacher email after the first week, weekly emails home on a Thursday, we have a friendship bench at break times, student leaders, clubs to join and other activities to help students to settle into our school.

3. How do children learn at Nadeen?click here to find out about our Philosophy, curriculum and our approach.

4. When are the Coffee Mornings? – the first Thursday of every month and the agenda/action Points are included in the update on the website the next morning.

5. How does the school communicate with Parents? 7 main areas for Communication: There will be an update from the Principal each Thursday from school to the whole community, latest news on the website for all articles, a school newsletter every half term, first Thursday of each month for coffee with the principal, weekly email from teachers, Social Media (Instagram/Facebook) and many exciting school events coming up on our events page on the website.

6. Are there any plans to allow children to opt out of French lessons? – No for now, this includes Arabic students opting out for extra Arabic and non-Arabic students opting out for Arabic lessons.  This will be looked into when we move to the new campus.


New School Campus in Dilmunia

1. Is there any information regarding the bus routes to the Dilmunia Campus? – Please see below, also note each bus will have video surveillance, a GPS tracker and an additional supervisor on board.  The price below is a round trip.






Governorate – detailed list click here


2. Will there be traffic problems at the new site in Dilmunia? – A new junction is being created as a ‘cross junction’ to reduce the traffic.  The whole entry road/procedure will be updated with this improvement.  Also, the exit of Dilmunia, will be updated.  This is the temporary exit out, a permanent exit road will be constructed to ease the traffic to the area.  Both will be communicated out when we hear more. 

3. Are there any meeting points confirmed by the bus routes? – This will decided by the bus company and communicated at a later date.  We have asked if ‘collection’ points can be considered.

4. Are there any plans on when we will move? How will the students move? – we will send out a further detailed plan regarding the move as we closer approach the handover date. At the moment, we are still working through the phases shared with all parents at the ‘Meet the Teacher’ event.  All staff have now had the opportunity to visit the site in their teams and we will press ahead with the next stage.

5. Are there any updates for the new Campus (November 2022 update)? – The building is on target (as of 1st November) and scheduled to finish on time.  A viewing platform is now in place, interior walls are being constructed and some are being plastered. 


School – Admin Questions

1. When will the new fees and fee structure be released? – the school fee structure will remain the same and fees will be announced in due course, included in the previous Update From the Principal.

2. How do we register our interest to join the school or ask any questions? – Please contact admissions or our school office, if you would like to register interest for any siblings of current Nadeen School students.  Our enrolment for 2023/24 has started.  If you have any further questions, please contact: +973 17 728886 or email