Our Facilities

Nadeen School has moved to a new state-of-the-art building in the heart of Dilmunia – offering an outstanding British education to students from Nursery to Year 13.

Our new campus is not just a new building. It is an opportunity. An opportunity to welcome bold and brave thinkers into their growth years. An opportunity – a fresh canvas – to innovate, ignite passions, and to provide our students with a learning experience that celebrates and excites them. An opportunity to create a school community that is in service to others, beyond our campus walls.

We have a range of new facilities for our students and community to enjoy!


1. Swimming Pools (The main 25m swimming pool is 212m² and the training pool is 51m²)


2. Outdoor Community and Natural Play Areas (The outdoor play area is 7,006 m²)


3. Educational Terraces (We have 17 educational terraces ranging in size from 30m² to 153m²)


4. Food Technology Labs/Kitchens (We have 2 food technology kitchens that are 90m² in size)


5. MakerSpace Rooms


6. Sports Hall (Our indoor sports hall is 982m²)


7. Performance Theatre with amphitheater seating (Our performance theatre is 475m² and is unique as it has both an indoor and outdoor stage. The indoor stage is 109 and the outdoor stage is 73.5m²)


8. Specialist Science Labs (We have 3 specialist science labs that are 90m² in size for biology, chemistry, physics and the exploration of other science)