Welcome from the Principal

These are very exciting times for the Nadeen School community.  It is an incredible privilege and a great honour to lead an outstanding school as we continue to improve, grow, and develop over time with a group of such caring, thoughtful, and dedicated staff. This is the feeling I have each and every time I come into school, seeing the amazing teachers working so well in harmony with our wonderful students.  With state-of-the-art facilities in our new campus, an expanding and vibrant school, and with such remarkable and enthusiastic children, we are all very fortunate as educators.

Nadeen School is an international, multicultural, and inclusive school based in beautiful Bahrain. We are a family and a community underpinned and guided by clear values, which resonate strongly with the values of Bahrain itself and with those upheld by worldwide communities. As a compassionate school, we take pride in our caring approach, we are unique in welcoming children of diverse strengths, passions, and talents and how we personalise education to provide them with the best possible learning experiences.


“Each day, I look forward to arriving at school as I believe that working in education is the best job in the world!”


The students and staff deserve a huge amount of recognition, praise, and appreciation for what they do every single day. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to see students enjoy school each day, have fun whilst they learn and feel a huge sense of pride with their amazing achievements throughout the entire school. Our community is used to having extremely high standards, building strong and meaningful relationships and students having joyous learning experiences both in and beyond the classroom!

We are a community that cares about our students, staff, and families, going the extra mile with kindness for local families, businesses, charities, donations, and wider projects in Bahrain.  Every day, I walk around the school, feel the excitement, and see how the students are inspired to learn. The quality of learning in the classrooms is clear to see, the students revel in a very high standard of innovative and inspiring lessons and this impacts in a positive nature on their social, emotional development, and academic progress.  Students at our school truly enjoy a holistic education experience.


“Our staff are simply amazing with their approach, relationships with students and go above and beyond each day to offer the best learning opportunities for our students.”


Our incredible young learners come from an array of nationalities and backgrounds, making our school a lively, interesting international community and an environment of care, respect and understanding. In class, we believe in providing the best opportunities for students to work together, hands-on practical activities and promoting a love of learning by ‘doing’.

In Nadeen School, everyone gets involved together to support one another as a family and we embrace challenges through a grow mindset approach.  We offer an extensive range of enrichment opportunities for our students equipping them with much needed ‘hands on’ and life skills. Our team of experienced staff are dedicated to their students and passionate about our approach to teaching. In addition, our parents, who deeply care about our school, are always keen to help and support us in many ways.  The parent support is a strength of our school, and the PTA positively impacts our culture through many initiatives, events, and activities. This support is invaluable and much appreciated by the staff and students.

Whilst learning is, and always will be, our main focus in our philosophy, our aim is to ensure that each and every student has a balanced, happy and fulfilling learning experience throughout their time with us. We want them to take every opportunity, accept every challenge, build firm and lasting friendships and to be the creators of many wonderful, unforgettable, and positive experiences during their time here. Most of all, we want them to be engaged and inspired to believe in themselves, so that they can achieve to the very best of their abilities, in whatever they do.


“Our school was recognised once again as an ‘Outstanding’ school from the recent BSO Penta Inspection in 2022 and has both the status and accreditation to show the high-quality of education we offer.”


I’m confident that our website will give you a flavour of who we are as a school, I encourage you to contact us to see for yourself the kind of friendly, caring, and vibrant community that we have here at Nadeen School.

I look forward to personally welcoming you to our school soon!

Dr Paul Walton


Nadeen School Bahrain