Our Accreditations/Inspections show how we are globally recognised as a high-quality international school and can provide many educational opportunities for our students at Nadeen School.



BSO: Penta International is an inspectorate of British Schools Overseas and is accredited by the British Government’s Department for Education (DfE). In 2022, the inspection included lesson observations, policy checks, meetings, learning walks, data analysis and discussions with our community. Our report is on the UK Department for Education website as an outstanding school.

This is an outstanding school

 – PENTA Inspection Report 2022

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BQA: Nadeen School is currently rated as outstanding by the Bahrain Quality Assurance.

The Directorate of Private Schools & Kindergartens Reviews (DPS), which is a part of the Education & Training Quality Authority (BQA), conducted this special review in accordance with the review procedures of schools with ’outstanding’ performance in the last review cycle over one day by a team of seven reviewers.

 – BQA Inspection Report 2019

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COBIS: Nadeen School is delighted to announce that we are a COBIS Accredited Member (BSO). This means we have been quality assured against a strict set of standards and recognised as offering a high-quality British education.

COBIS membership will enable our school to access some excellent benefits including CPD and professional development for staff, competitions and events for students and the ability to learn from colleagues based in leading British international schools around the world.

 – COBIS Accreditation (BSO) 2022

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Our Awards show how our exciting progress as a school community across a range of areas are celebrated.



BISA: British International School Awards 2018.  Nadeen School received the Outstanding Pastoral Care Initiative for its approach to engaging disaffected students and accelerating learning.


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Education Innovation and Excellence Awards: Nadeen School received a prestigious award for the ‘Unique Child’ program, which is a further extension of our Outstanding Pastoral care.





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