Innovative Curriculum


Our learning environment, both inside and outside, enables children to learn and play creatively and purposefully – in a range of settings, from our ever-popular tree house or mud-kitchen, to our creative play area, back garden, playground and climbing areas, role play areas and play houses, and design technology area.  We also have a school farm, where we grow vegetables and keep chickens and ducks and the occasional visiting goat!


Growth Mindset


We teach children to develop a growth mindset by modelling and encouraging these five principles:

  • Embrace challenge
  • Persevere in the face of setbacks
  • Effort is the only path to mastery
  • Learn from your mistakes and from criticism
  • Be inspired by and learn from the success of others.


We believe in the power of YET!


We have high expectations of our pupils: their behaviour is excellent and they treat everyone in our school community with respect and courtesy.  We expect children to work hard and take responsibility for, and pride in, themselves.

We strive to ensure that children at Nadeen receive a rounded education, so that they can excel not only in academic areas, but also in being a kind friend; caring for their environment; performing on stage; shining on the sports field; creating musical or artistic masterpieces or making their first million!

We really are a ‘Small School – Big Family’ and children from all year groups look after each other and work together on creative projects.


The 8Cs form the foundation of the educational journey that our children make.

being able to take risks in our learning and tackle hard challenges




wanting to know about the world around us and always asking questions

turning new and imaginative ideas into reality


working with others to achieve goals and overcome challenges


being able to express ourselves freely and respectfully



trying as hard as we can to produce the best possible outcome


being resilient learners and never giving up
Critical Thinking

having the ability to solve problems and think independently



We believe that if children have these 8 skills, they can learn anything.


Teachers plan the explicit teaching of these skills into their lessons so that there is progression across the year groups and these behaviours become an embedded part of our children’s education.  As well as being part of our regular classroom practice, our 8Cs are practised in our creative play areas – both as part of lessons and independently at play time.  This area contains spaces and resources for creative play and problem solving – a mud kitchen, play houses, small play sand pit, dolls’ house, puzzles, pipes, brackets and balls for engineering challenges, and many more opportunities to develop and explore the 8Cs.