Student Voice

At Nadeen School, we value our student voice and have many ways in which to involve the students in the learning at school, through their feedback, discussion and ideas!

We have:

  1. An Annual Student Survey
  2. Student Discussion and follow ups from the Annual Survey
  3. Student Council Meetings
  4. Suggestion Box
  5. Student Voice Articles
  6. An Open Door approach for all students to speak to teachers and leaders in the school.


Student Comments


I have lots of fun in school.

– Nadeen School Student Survey 2023.


The thing I like the most about the school is my teachers and my friends

– Nadeen School Student Survey 2023.


I like that teachers are helpful and solve problems.

– Nadeen School Student Survey 2023.


Feedback from our recent student survey is now available below.


Our aim is to continually improve our students’ experience at school and value their feedback on how to do so. As such, we have recently conducted a student survey, asking our students from Years 1 – 7 a series of questions relating to their school experience at Nadeen School.

Each year we conduct student, parents and staff surveys to help us improve.  We feel that this survey has been hugely successful in highlighting what our students feel are the school’s key areas of strength, as well as shedding light on the areas for development going forward. It is something we would like to continue doing on a regular basis in order to assess progress, with the next student survey already planned for the end of Term 3 in this academic year.




Star 98% believe my school is a good school.

Thumbs up 97% believe the school teachers and staff are friendly and helpful.

Chat 95% believe the teachers and staff treat us fairly.


We are very proud of the strengths of the school and each day there are many elements that contribute together to bring these successes.

Areas to develop


Lamp   19% feel that their school work could be more interesting sometimes.

Question mark 17% feel that they would like to know more about how well they are doing.


Next Steps


● Consult with representative student groups in order to collect ideas on areas for development.
● Formulate ideas into action points with appropriate timescale.
● Share action points with the rest of the student body.
● Follow up student survey at the end of Term 3, academic year 2022-23 to assess progress.
From our students, individuals and groups, we have already received further feedback and this has helped us to start to plan forward and take action.
Action point 1:
Some of their suggestions include:
● Different style of lesson outside, videos, group work, student-led
● Opportunities for debates
● Educational Trips
Action Point 2
Some of their suggestions include:
● Having some sort of number/grades/letter/words to know how I am doing
● More Assessments
● Knowing more scores from tests
We will look through the suggestions and decide how we can take the feedback onboard as a school and help our students.  This will be checked in the next survey.

Student Voice Articles

We are extremely proud of our student voice articles below, please click on the links to see our student-led articles:


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