Expressive and Creative Arts Block Activities

Expressive and Creative Arts Block Activities by Miss Sara

As the academic year draws to a close, the Expressive and Creative Arts Block encompassed the final weeks of school, incorporating the Matilda show and engaging all year groups from Early Years to Secondary in the excitement of the build-up to the show and also the aftermath. The significant efforts of our students and staff behind the scenes were evident in the vibrant activities.

The Expressive and Creative Arts team worked with the cast, choir, and choreography crew to bring dance and choir flash mobs to the whole school and to give the whole school an insight into the main cast. This generated excitement across the school and engaged everyone with what was happening behind the scenes to prepare for such an incredible final show. The wonderful buzz in the school generated considerable anticipation amongst the students and provided opportunities to inspire students to be involved in future performances.


I am really excited to watch the show and I really wish to be one of the actors when I grow up.

– by Amelia, Year 1



Furthermore, students from Early Years through to Secondary were provided with a range of engaging materials and ideas to be involved in, including creating artwork. We witnessed a high level of engagement among the students as they participated in these various activities, and this contributed to further excitement around the end-of-year production. This artwork is showcased in the Matilda Exhibition, highlighting the creativity and high effort of our students.

To conclude our term, a house competition was organised, featuring Matilda-inspired posters created by students from Year 2 and upwards. A number of students entered this competition and the winning house was Dilmun for having the most entries to the competition and also the most creative entries! Well done to Dilmun!


The excitement and magic have been building over the past few months, all heading towards the first ever production in the brand new performance theatre, Matilda the Musical JR. Throughout the creative arts block, it has been truly wonderful seeing the children joining in with the singing, creating props, and supporting their friends in the cast, wishing them all the best when preparing for their time on stage. We hope that it has inspired many more of the children to audition for next year’s musical, as we continue to create more elaborate, energetic, and mesmerising productions in the coming months.

– by Mr Tom, Music Teacher


Together, we have crafted a memorable conclusion to this year’s journey, where creativity has flourished, friendships have deepened, and the spirit of collaboration has shone brightly. Here’s to what was a remarkable finale and the promise of further great achievements in the academic year ahead. Please take some time to visit the Matilda Exhibition to see the props, costumes, cast photos, and all of the above-mentioned artwork being exhibited.