Our Philosophy

Nadeen School has always had a holistic approach to education.

This means that we focus on and develop all aspects of the child and treat each aspect with equal importance.



We want our children to grow and develop their emotional, creative, social, imaginative, spiritual and physical sides as well as their academic and intellectual sides. We also instill in our children the importance of finding their own identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connection to their community, the natural world and through encouraging personal and collective responsibility.

We are a child-centred, inclusive and diverse family with a shared love of learning.



Our mission is to provide a caring, nurturing and empowering environment in which all children can learn and thrive. Our children and team have the skills and mindset to:

  • think, explore and grow
  • celebrate and respect ourselves and the people around us
  • be compassionate and have a positive impact on the world



Our values guide us every day in everything we do.