At Nadeen, we teach and learn in a creative, child-centred and innovative way and we assess children’s learning in the same way.

We use a UK online tracking programme, Classroom Monitor, to track children’s attainment and progress through the curriculum – right down to the last objective – all through the year.  This rigorous system involves analysing gaps in children’s knowledge and skills, planning to fill these identified gaps, and assessing how they do and it runs seamlessly alongside our creative curriculum, in a way that helps our teachers know exactly where your child is against the national curriculum, without the need for frequent tests.  We also use reading benchmarking and phonics assessments, together with formative assessment tasks.

We have a termly testing week, where all children in key stages 1 and 2 sit UK standardised tests in English and maths and the Arabic pupils do end-of-year assessments in Arabic.