On this page you will find our Curriculum plans for the Key Stage, which are a bank of overviews showing what our students will cover during the academic year ahead.  Included in the Curriculum plans are a list of topics, assessments, timings and references to additional resources that teachers use.  This helps create a transparent, long term overview of what students will be learning here at Nadeen School.


Curriculum Plans


Year 7

Subject Overview Textbook/Resources link Additional
English Year 7 English Overview Cambridge Skills in Fiction + Non Fiction Age Related Expectations
Mathematics Year 7 Mathematics Overview Cambridge Checkpoint Mathematics Coursebook 7 Age Related Expectations
Science Year 7 Science Overview Cambridge Checkpoint Science Age Related Expectations
Computing Year 7 Computing Overview UK National Centre for Computing Education https://teachcomputing.org/
Humanities/Art Year 7 Humanities and Art Overview Oxford Geography 1 Age Related Expectations
Music Year 7 Music Overview UK National Curriculum Studying, Composing and Performing
PE Year 7 PE Overview UK National Curriculum PE Skills, Physically Active and Healthy
Arabic Year 7 Arabic Overview MOE Curriculum MOE Reading