We have persevered over the years in keeping our campus as green as possible…in all senses of the word! Our campus is well known for its quirky layout and for its green spaces and garden. We enjoy our lovely, green lawn in the cooler months as well as the big, juicy mangoes and delicious dates which grow on trees at the front of the school. We have a small school farm with chicken and ducks (and the occasional visiting baby goat) as well as planters and borders full of herbs. Behind the scenes, we do daily composting of our fruit and vegetable waste, have dramatically reduced our use of plastic and paper, and recycle at every opportunity. Our eco club, The Planet Protectors, carries outa regular awareness campaigns throughout the school and works with the leadership team to devise school-wide initiatives.

COBIS – Eco film awards

The Nadeen School Planet protectors students created a short film explaining the importance of composting and how we compost daily. Through the video we show the steps on how to compost until we reach the final result of a natural soil that we can use to plant seeds.