Opening in 2023 – Nadeen School Dilmunia

Nadeen School is moving to a new state-of-the-art building in the heart of Dilmunia – offering an outstanding British education to students from Nursery to Year 13

The new school building will be ready in 2023. In the meantime we visit the site on regular occasions and we are enjoying watching the buildings grow!


Nadeen School, established in 1978, has always been a holistic, child-centred, emotionally-driven school with a strong focus on academic and pastoral development. The 400 children from over 50 countries remain front and centre of every decision we make. Our initiatives are all centred around asking the question: “What is right for the child?” As the only non-selective outstanding school in Bahrain our student body includes children of many different levels and abilities; we firmly believe that every child has the right to an education that is designed to suit their needs. Our motto “Small School – Big Family” perfectly encapsulates our ethos and approach. Children attend the school from Nursery to Year 6 and we have over 70 full time staff and additional support staff mainly from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, America, and Canada. Our mix of nationalities and cultures makes us a truly international school with respect, tolerance, and appreciation of each other central to our beliefs.

Please see Learning at Nadeen to understand how we teach!