Key Stage 1

KS1 comprises year 1 (5-6yrs) and year 2 (6-7yrs).

As your child moves into KS1, they will continue to experience play-based learning and, in addition, will be introduced to our more formal curriculum so that they can begin to understand their learning in more depth.  We have a stimulating learning environment, both inside and outside, in order to encourage role play, problem solving, creative play and independent learning. We teach the English national curriculum, which we adapt to our needs and enrich with extra-curricular activities, trips and special days. We cater for the needs of all children through extensive programmes of learning support and English as an additional language alongside plenty of challenge and exciting extension activities.

We teach in three-week blocks, each centred around a Big Question that stimulates curiosity, excitement and challenge in an integrated and cross-curricular way, and around a core text that inspires and develops our reading and writing, and around a mathematical theme.
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Examples of some of the Big Questions that KS1 have examined:

Can you paint a poem?
What are you made of?
Is there more land or more sea?