International Week 2024

International Week by Miss Kate

Here at Nadeen School, we are so lucky to have such a rich and diverse community with 62 different nationalities among our families. International Week was a vibrant and enriching experience for our students. During this special week, students and staff came together to showcase and learn about different cultures, traditions, and customs from all around the world.


It was so much fun to parade with all the other students who are from the same country as me!

– by Nadeen School student


This year was the first year we decided to change up our International Opening Ceremony and host a parade of students in their country groups. Our Secondary Head Boy and Head Girl opened the parade, welcomed the parents, and introduced the event. Then, the Early Years students paraded first and made their way around the track in their National dress and country colours waving along the way. Following on from the Early Years students, our Year 1 to Year 9 students who had come together with all the other students from their country, had their turn. As with lots of Opening Ceremonies, we began with our home country of Bahrain and students and staff made their way around the track. Each country had a student speaker that introduced their country and some even shared a fun fact about their country. Did you know that Santa Claus was born in Turkey?



Finishing our International Week was the International Food Fair put together and hosted by the fantastic Nadeen Community Association in tandem with so many generous and wonderful parents from our school community. Booths were set up representing over 35 different countries which were colourful, vibrant, and a true celebration of individual countries. These booths showcased traditional dishes, snacks, and desserts from their respective countries along with pictures, items, and accessories for the full enriching experience. This was not only a feast for the taste buds but also a feast for the senses as students, parents, and staff were treated to some live cooking, cultural performances, and educational presentations about culinary traditions and ingredients.


The International Food Fair was the best one yet! There we so many parents involved and coming together to create such an amazing event.

–  by Nadeen School parent




International Week not only fosters a sense of inclusivity and appreciation for diversity within the school community but also helps to broaden students’ perspectives and cultivate respect for different cultures. It has been a time for learning, sharing, and celebrating the rich tapestry of identities that make up our interconnected world!


International Week at school was such a vibrant celebration of cultures woven together. 2.3’s country to learn more about was Canada and we enjoyed our special visit from Ms. Katie who taught us lots of new information!

– by Ms. Hannah, 2.3, Nadeen School teacher