Pauline Puri

Originally from Tasmania, Australia, Pauline has been at Nadeen School since 1982, when she joined as a class teacher. When the original owner, Kaye Siegal, left Bahrain in 1984 she had two options: close the school or hand it over to someone who would carry on the school’s holistic, child-centred, and family-centred ethos. She chose Pauline who has been an active, passionate, and caring Director who always keeps the children at the centre of what we do. Pauline can often be found in the library reading to children, and helping in the school garden where she shares her passion for preserving our environment.

Shanee Puri

Shanee (Pauline’s daughter) joined the school after university in 1998 and has been at the school ever since. Shanee has worked through and had experience in all areas of the school during her time at Nadeen and has spent the last few years ensuring that the school’s future is secured through a move to a new, purpose-built campus. Shanee can be found at school every day and her favourite thing to do is to talk with the children at playtime and to be involved in school community events, brainstorming new initiatives, and being connected with our school families.


Board Members

Shanee Puri
Stewart MacPhail
Mark Whitfield 
Amin Alarrayed
Mohamed Khalil Sayed