Chess Success!

Chess Success! by Mr Andrew

One of the many successes of this half term was Nadeen School’s involvement in our first chess tournament. Held at a school in Hidd, the tournament saw six students from years 7 to 9 go up against students from all over Bahrain. We were the first to arrive, and the team got some last minute practice in on their tablets and laptops while we waited for the competition to begin.

Once battle commenced, the competition was fierce. Knights and bishops were ably assisted by an army of pawns in their defence of their king, and the first round ended in a draw with 3 wins and 3 losses. In true Nadeen style, the students were gracious both in victory and defeat and there were lots of handshakes and happy faces. We returned to the staging area for a talk about tactics and then everyone was eager to go again.


It was such an enjoyable experience, meeting so many new and interesting people.

– by Mohamed Baiomy, Year 8 




Over the course of the event, every member of the chess club scored points against some very tough opponents. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward to the next competition. The Chess club practises every Thursday at lunchtime in Mr Andrew’s classroom, and students of any ability are welcome to come along and play!


I cannot wait for the next one

– Danial Alkhalidi, Year 8