We provide a caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment in which all children can learn and thrive.

About Nadeen School

Nadeen School, established in 1978, is a Primary School, consisting of Pre-School, Infant, and Junior sections. Children attend the school from 3-11 years of age. We follow the English National Curriculum, and supplement our activities and learning with different schemes and resources from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and elsewhere.
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Nadeen School’s Mission

We are a child-centred, inclusive and diverse family with a shared love of learning. Together, we think, explore and grow.

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What do I like about Nadeen? Small school - big family, open-door policy, green character, animals, child-centered, no homework policy, pioneering role in education, education of the future, ...

Parent quote from May 2018 parent survey

Very open and welcoming atmosphere. My child and I feel comfortable in the school's environment.

Parent quote from May 2018 parent survey

I like the overall school ambiance and atmosphere of the school, the excellence of most of the teachers that you come across, the community of the school.  There's really not that much not to like at Nadeen.

Parent quote from May 2018 parent survey
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