We are a child-centered, inclusive, and diverse family with a shared love of learning.

Our School

Nadeen School, established in 1978, is a growing all-through school consisting of Pre-School/Nursery, Primary and Secondary sections.  With our new state-of-the-art campus in Dilmunia, we are excited to offer a range of exciting learning experiences.  Our ethos is to instil a passion for learning amongst our young learners within this uniquely international setting.

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Nadeen School Dilmunia

We are proud to announce our move in 2023 to a state-of-the-art new campus in Dilmunia, offering a wide range of exciting opportunities for our students, staff and parents and a whole host of new facilities:

  The total area of land is 17,462 m2 with a play area of 7,006m2.
  A 982m2 Sports Hall, Football Pitch, Running Track and Multi-use Outdoor Court.
  Fitness Gym, a Main Swimming Pool and Learner Pool.
  Staff and Parent Coffee Lounge.
  Music Studios, Ensemble Room, specialist rooms for Science, ICT, Art, Nutrition, etc.

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(during COVID operations) This is what I personally felt starting from the school main door: the hospitality, warm welcome, and that all students are considered as part of the school family. Nadeen has special part in our deep heart will remain forever..

Parent email – June 2020

(during COVID operations) Just wanted to say thank you- thank you for all of your considerations and hard work! You guys have shown time and again that you all have thoroughly thought this through and thank you for putting our kids first…from the bottom of my heart this team and the school has done a job well done!..

Parent email – September 2020

(during COVID operations) … the understanding that Nadeen is 100% focussed on the welfare of our children is hugely reassuring..

Parent email – September 2020

(during COVID operations)  I would like to thank all the staff who made (my daughter’s) transition to school such an enjoyable experience. The ethos and atmosphere in Nadeen is something you should be rightly be very proud of as a management team..

Parent email – December 2020

(during COVID operations) I wanted to commend the team for an amazing job and how you were able to deal and address all the issues proactively and efficiently since the pandemic started.

I know this is not easy and new to us all but you were able to adapt quickly to minimize disruption and provide a safe learning environment for your faculty and students..

Parent email – January 2021

(during COVID operations)  You are doing an amazing job. We have nothing but praise for all the hard work you and the staff do..

Parent email – April 2020

(during COVID operations) …time in front of screen is perfect, their learning progress is great.. it’s a new thing to the entire world and I believe Nadeen can be a perfect model to be consider worldwide..

Quote from live parent meeting – February 2021

(during COVID operations) I just wanted to say thank you for the great effort.. I have another kid in another school and when I compare both schools Nadeen is doing a great job (great does not explain what you are doing)..

Quote from live parent meeting – February 2021

(during COVID operations) A very good model is being followed, and the efforts exerted by the School officials and the educational staff is well appreciated..

Quote from live parent meeting – February 2021

What do I like about Nadeen? Small school - big family, open-door policy, green character, animals, child-centered, no homework policy, pioneering role in education, education of the future, ...

Parent quote from May 2018 parent survey
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