Student Council



Head Boy / Head Girl

We have a head boy and head girl and they are the public voice and face of the school when visitors come or when representing the school at different events.  Their role is also to be role models to the rest of the school.

School Mentors

Nadeen School mentors are a helpful group of our year 6s. Their role is to be behaviour role models to the rest of the school and have areas of responsibility such as behaviour in assembly or being good playtime buddies. They are confident children who are approachable for any other child to speak to.


Hi, my name is Juhaina. I am the Chairperson of the School Council with some other roles too. I love swimming, horse riding, painting, and crafts. I have been in Nadeen for 2 years and have enjoyed my experience so far. In Nadeen, I have fun with my friends, I also learn new things every single day.

Being part of the School Council has made me feel excited to come to meetings and lead them every week. I enjoy being with other people outside of my class and getting to know them as we move the school forward. We have discussed some brilliant ideas so far and just had our first official meeting where we looked at upcoming events and shared our ideas for the new school.

Let’s introduce the rest of the School Council Leadership Team. We have Peter as our Deputy Chairperson, Anaya as our secretary and Mayan as our Treasurer. We are also welcomed by our class representatives.

We are so excited for the year ahead!

Our School Council are an active voice in our school. The council is made up of an elected representative from each class in KS1 and KS2 and their primary role is to communicate ideas and feedback between the classes and the senior leaders of the school. It is also their duty to organise and run school events, such as discos, visitors to the school, talent show, etc. and to raise money for the school or for local and international charities through organising fundraising days or activities and running stalls at these events. They take their role seriously, led by their student leaders, and provide an important pupil voice in our school.


The Plant Protectors of Nadeen


The “Planet Protectors of Nadeen“ is a pupil-led environmental group where the children of today are encouraged to be the leaders of tomorrow. The children identify and investigate areas of environmental concern and help raise awareness among our school community. They “become the difference” to make a difference for all our futures. They truly are the voice of our planet.