Update from the Principal – 23rd February

Update from the Principal.


Dear Parents,

Thank you for your support with our wonderful International Week!

The students have thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony, outfits, cultures, facts, exhibitions, music, and food.  It has been a fantastic week of celebration and learning for us all.  We are very proud of the students and how they have embraced an international outlook even more this week with lots to be shared and experience.  The displays, artwork and information boards they have produced were amazing!

Thank you to parents for encouraging the students with our international week, spending time preparing the outfits/traditional dresses and colours from every country around the world.  We’ve had a spectacular array of colour, decorations and accessories to really add energy and joy to this very special event.  The food today was incredible and we are very grateful for the parents setting up and running the food stalls, thank you to everyone for bringing such a huge amount of quality dishes from many cultures around the globe.  We really appreciate this and the amount of time and effort you have put into helping us with the International Week.  A big thank you to all the parents and the PTA for making today’s event a big success, sharing our diverse cultures, food, dances and more. We made a total of 598 BD, 50% of which will be donated to the earthquake relief fund.

This week we have pressed ahead with our recruitment for August 2023 and have already started to make appointments for the coming academic year.  At Nadeen School, we have a very high retention rate of teachers which ensures a smooth transition and consistency amongst the current students when they move from year to year or to a new phase.  I will send out a list of all new appointments, profiles, and backgrounds in the coming months to give everyone an insight into the staff that will be joining our community in the summer of 2023.

We have also confirmed that we will have one Year 9 class in August 2023.  Following on from another presentation this week to parents of Year 9 students, we are delighted to announce this.  Already we have had several applications that have been accepted in the first 2 days of the enrolment being open.  Places are limited in the class so please contact our admissions team if you are interested in more information.  An exciting time for our first ever Year 9 class at Nadeen School.

We look forward to showing our parents around the new site in the coming weeks as the first set of parents have been confirmed as we aim to take small groups around the school for a sneak peek of what is in store for our families as we move into our new campus.

Finally, we also have upcoming presentations in Dilmunia Mall to look at different aspects of the new school.  We hope to see many of you there!

Have a wonderful weekend

Paul Walton





The image below is from our Boys Primary Sports League Basketball

February 22nd parent meeting/presentation FAQs

Thank you to all parents who attended the meeting and the Coffee Mornings, as it enables the school team to share a lot more.  We have put together the questions below, included the presentation slides and also answered questions that were raised.

  1. How does Nadeen onboard new staff to ensure they ‘fit in’ and follow ‘the Nadeen way’? – We have a high staff retention and a comprehensive interview process as explained in the meeting.
  2. How is the school planning to take the ‘way things are’ in Primary and develop in to Secondary? (how will the Nadeen-way influence Secondary)? – same teachers, same teaching and learning approaches and curriculum style as mentioned in the presentation below.
  3. How many new teachers/staff are being employed and for what roles? – We have 7 adverts out at the moment to replace teachers for next year.  After announcing the Year 9 class, we are actively recruiting more Secondary teachers.
  4. How will the school culture be preserved in the new campus? – as mentioned in the presentation below.
  5. Is there an affiliation or special relationship between Nadeen and colleges/universities? – no, we have a university guidance plan to enable all families to aim for their 1st choice destination after Year 13.
  6. Timing for the new school? – these will be discussed in the upcoming presentations.
  7. Transport – bus, pick-up locations, routes? – We are meeting the bus company on Monday 27th to firm up details; will send a location/pick up survey after that
  8. What are our plans in the event there is another pandemic or disaster event? – the space in the new school would enable us to put a plan in place, following government and worldwide advice.
  9. What has been done to help families who want to/feel they have to move? – We have arranged to meet some property companies who are advertising properties now out in the public domain.
  10. What is HPL? – High Performance Learning (As mentioned in our accreditations page of the website)
  11. When will Pre-Nursery be announced? – we are expecting to make an announcement soon when we receive more applications.
  12. Will all of the new school facilities be open at the same time or will there be a phased approach? – same time.
  13. Will students be guaranteed a seat in a free after school club? – yes, free club although it will limit the choice or option you have.
  14. Will the school consider the timing of the move with regards to the timing of Ramadan? yes – we are considering this to support our families.
  15. Will the school help families who want to move to Dilmunia? – as mentioned in the presentation.
  16. Will the school let us know when the move will be? – yes, April 2023 and we will send out a confirmed date when we are in the position to do so.
  17. Will the school share what the students are learning with the parents? – yes, please contact the classroom teacher.
  18. Will the students move all at once or in a phased approach? – yes, all at once.
  19. Will there be a ‘proper’ curriculum to teach Arabic to non-Arab nationals? – yes, this is being reviewed.
  20. Will there be any change in the primary schedule? – no, the timetables will remain similar to this year.
  21. Will there be composite classes in the new school? – no, not in August 2023.
  22. Will there be GCSE/A levels as well as IB? – no, there will be IGCSEs and A Levels, not IB.
  23. Will there be more trips? – Yes, more international and local trips.
  24. Will there still be peer and cross-age learning? – yes, similar to this academic year.
  25. What is the fee schedule going to be in the future? – As mentioned in the presentation below and letter sent out.
  26. Will the school consider opening up scholarship or performance-based subsidies on fees? – not at the moment.  We will explore university scholarship opportunities for students which include complete course fees, relocation, resources fees etc.
  27. Will the school have a different fee structure for families who receive tuition benefits from their employer versus those who self-pay? – no, this was discussed, the rationale and criteria to set fees, as approved by the school board/parent representatives has been shared at the meeting and during the parent presentation.
  28. Will there be a sibling discount? – this has now been discussed with the school board and school leadership, there is no current plans for a sibling discount.
  29. Can fees be increased more gradually in future? – this has now been discussed with the school board and school leadership, there is no plans for a annual substantial increase as mentioned in the presentation below.
  30. Have learning support fees increased? – no, there will be no learning support fees increase this year.


Nadeen School Presentation – 22.02.2023


Coffee with the Principal

I look forward to the next Coffee with the Principal at Thursday 13th April 2023, 8.00am – 9.00am.


School Year 2023/24

Please contact admissions or our school office, if you would like to register interest for any siblings of current Nadeen School students.  Our enrolment for 2023/24 has started.  If you have any further questions, please contact: +973 17 728886 or email info@nadeenschool.com


Drop Off Point 

Please can parents use the Drop Off Point, if possible, in the mornings.


Drop Off – Parents on site

  • This option of walking students on site remains open for parents of children in Nursery, Reception and Year 1, as normal.
  • Also, we have the option for any new parents to drop off their children to the class for the first 2 weeks.
  • After this, Year 2 to Year 7 students must be dropped off at the front of the school.
  • Only parents of Nursery, Reception and Year 1 should be accompanying students to their classrooms.
  • Parents of students in Year 2 to 7 must make an appointment to see the teacher (to avoid disrupting learning, lessons, target time), an email to the teacher or to contact the reception if this is an emergency.


Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.


General Updates

  1. 7 main areas for Communication: There will be an update from the Principal each Thursday from school to the whole community, latest news on the website for all articles, a school newsletter every half term, first Thursday of each month for coffee with the principal, weekly email from teachers, Social Media (Instagram/Facebook) and many exciting school events coming up on our events page on the website.
  2. Uniform Shop – now available at https://besportbh.com/nadeen-school/
  3. Calendars – now available at https://www.nadeenschool.com/our-calendar/
  4. Morning Drop off – The gates open each morning at 7.35am, if parents would like to drop students off earlier in school, please email Miss Karen about the breakfast club from 7.00am.
  5. Communication – the next Coffee morning is on Thursday 13th April 2023, 8.00am – 9.00am..  An opportunity to hear updates, plans moving forward and to meet other parents.
  6. School Newsletter – click here to read all about it!.
  7. New School – Opening Spring 2023
  8. Social Media updates – Please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages to see the latest photos, posts and updates about our new school campus in Dilmunia.  It looks incredible and it is great to see the progress each week of everything coming together.


Open Days

Also, we have a chance for parents to invite your friends along to experience what Nadeen School has to offer, please see the dates below for all parents to come in and see our school.  Parents can walk around the school, see classes, and meet teachers.  There is no formal presentation as it is an opportunity to see the day-to-day learning at school.


Early Years Open Mornings

EY OPEN MORNING: Monday 20th February 2023


Open Days

OPEN DAY 3: Tuesday 23rd May 2023



Key Dates – (Whole School Days in bold)

Nadeen School – All Events for 2022_23 for a printable PDF click here

  1. Whole School Dates
  2. Awareness Days
  3. PTA Events


Click here to see Nadeen School PDF and Google calendars for 2022/23 and 2023/24


Urgent Communication  

All urgent updates continue to be sent via email or SMS for emergencies (School Closure).

Please monitor your emails for future updates as this continues to be the best way to send out clear and consistent communication to all parents. Check that you are receiving emails, have enough space in your email folder, that they do not go to your ‘junk’ folder and if you are unsure, please contact info@nadeenschool.com, see reception or phone on +97317728886 to personally check your contact email and phone number on record.

If you change any contact details, please inform the school immediately.

Health and Safety

All urgent Health and Safety announcements will be sent directly to parents via email.

We will continue to work together to follow all health and precautionary measures to prevent the spread of diseases as recommended by the Ministry of Health specialists. Together with your constant cooperation and taking responsibility by keeping your children at home when feeling ill, will also have a significant impact in limiting the spread of diseases.  Thank you to all members of the community in advance for this.


Please keep your child at home if he/she is ill, has flu or cold symptoms

Previous Updates

Please find all of the previous updates below.

All updates are sent out at the end of the week and published in the ‘Latest News’ section of the website.

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14th June – Looking forward to the new school year

Virtual Learning

As you might have seen, this summer it was announced that it is no longer mandatory for schools to provide Virtual Learning for students, shared by the Ministry of Education on Tuesday 2nd August 2022.

The Ministry of Education has announced that the syllabus system for the coming academic year 2022/23 in all kindergartens, schools, universities, government and private educational institutions at all stages will be mandatory attendance for all students.  The ministry clarified that there would be no choice for parents to attend their children to receive in-person or remotely learning, assuring its keenness to provide for all the requirements for a successful back to school.

At Nadeen School, following the announcement from the Ministry above, our provision for learning will be on site.

For students unable to attend or overseas, we will offer an extra provision to help support with Year 3 and above, including:

  1. Students will be included in Google classrooms to have the same access as those onsite.
  2. A link to a curriculum plan for all year groups.
  3. weekly class email from the teacher.
  4. An appointment to discuss your child/their progress over email or an online meeting when required.
  5. Access to our book list covered in school.
  6. The resources from the online subscriptions used on site will be available.
  7. An opportunity for a teacher/student conference if needed, as directed by the class teacher.

We hope all students have the opportunity to be back on site.  We look forward to the new academic year and following the Ministry guidance above for our students at school.