Update from the Principal – 4th August

Update from the Principal.

Dear Parents,

First of all, I hope you have had a relaxing and restful summer.  It seems like the holidays have flown over for everyone this year and we are very excited and eager to start back at school in what will be a huge year for Nadeen School with many amazing opportunities ahead!

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Nadeen School community for such a warm and positive welcome to Bahrain and I am very grateful for this and appreciate all of the kindness and well wishes I have had.

Welcome to my first update from the Principal.  These updates will be sent out at the end of each week and the purpose of the update is to give a brief overview from events, activities and exciting projects finished at school, a glimpse into what we are doing and also updates on larger priorities from the school.  Hopefully, you will find this informative and if there are any school wide announcements, I will refer to these in this update to keep all parents informed at the same time together as one.  I believe communication is key as a school and will do my best to ensure I include all pertinent and relevant information for the families in our wonderful school.

There are a several updates I am delighted to give you below:

  1. Orientation Day – All families have an opportunity to meet all staff during our Orientation Day on Thursday 25th We look forward to seeing you!
  2. New Teachers to Nadeen School – Our new staff (Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Fatima, Ms. Roz, Ms. Gaby and Mr. Stewart) have all arrived safely in Bahrain and are very excited to be here. Please join me in warmly welcoming them into our school community!
  3. Communication/Nadeen School News – All of our upcoming events are listed on our website, under upcoming events, you can also see our latest articles in the latest news section and our overall events calendar.
  4. New Campus in Dilmunia – For the latest information regarding our new campus in Dilmunia, please click on the New School Building Update – 29 July 2022, we look forward to a new update each month as our state-of-the-art campus takes shape!
  5. Year 7/Secondary School – As we start the new school year, we are proud to announce our Year 7 class at Nadeen School and welcome Ms. Stephanie who joins us as our Year 7 teacher and Head of Secondary! Please see an introduction to the secondary school for further information.
  6. Coffee with the Principal – The first Thursday of the month, for parents to come into school for Coffee with the Principal. An opportunity to talk, hear some updates and plans about upcoming announcements, school events and some of the key areas that we are focusing on as a school from a pedagogical point of view. An event to meet, mix and mingle with other parents who have recently joined the school or families who have been in the Nadeen community for a while.  Everyone is welcome and all points discussed will be included in the ‘Update from the Principal’ available weekly on a Thursday from our website.
  7. Welcome from the Principal – Please see the website link below for the Welcome from the Principal, now available on our website.
  8. Social Media updates – Please follow ourFacebook and Instagram pages to see the latest photos, posts and updates about our new school campus in Dilmunia.  It looks incredible and it is great to see the progress each week of everything coming together.

Next week, all staff are in school as we prepare for the start of the year.  This is an important time as we go through updates, training and setting areas in the school.  Some of the training and sessions that we will cover are as follows:

  • Health and Safety
  • Safeguarding
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Curriculum
  • School Events
  • New Building

We will also prepare classrooms, send out communication from teachers to introduce all classes and look forward to welcoming everyone into the building for Thursday 25th August for our Orientation Day!

Have a wonderful week and I look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Paul Walton



Key Dates for August

Thursday 25th August – Orientation Day (An informal event to meet all teachers, staff and families at the start of the year).
Sunday 28th August – First Day back at School!
Tuesday 30th August  – Meet the Teacher/Curriculum evening (A session for parents to find out what the students will be learning and opportunity to ask any individual or day to day questions).
Wednesday 31st August – Music/Sport and After school club presentation for Parents and Students (A presentation to introduce the after school provision and opportunity to ask about clubs, activities etc).
Thursday 1st September – Coffee with the Principal (Mr Paul will go through updates from the school, a look at what is coming up, priorities and a chance for parents to meet and mingle with others).

Health and Safety

All Health and Safety announcements will be sent directly to parents via email.

Urgent Communication 

All urgent updates continue to be sent via email or SMS for emergencies (School Closure).

Please monitor your emails for future updates as this continues to be the best way to send out clear and consistent communication to all parents. Check that you are receiving emails, have enough space in your email folder, that they do not go to your ‘junk’ folder and if you are unsure, please contact info@nadeenschool.com, see reception or phone on +97317728886 to personally check your contact email and phone number on record.

If you change any contact details, please inform the school immediately.

Previous Updates

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