Nadeen School’s Sustainable Uniform in Partnership with Kapes

Introducing Nadeen School’s Sustainable Initiatives and Eco-friendly Uniforms in Partnership with Kapes – By Shanee Puri

At Nadeen School, we strongly believe in fostering open discussions about the implications of our choices, recognising their impacts on society and the environment. Equally important is translating these conversations into action, taking purposeful strides towards making a positive change. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in our endeavour to promote sustainability across our school community.

Below are several priority projects we’re launching in August 2023:

    1. Organic Food Initiatives: A healthy eating programme in our school café, snack times and education.
    2. Waste Reduction and Recycling: Minimising printing, advocating double-sided printing, and setting up recycling stations.
    3. Gardening and Biodiversity: Involving students in gardening projects to cultivate herbs, flowers, and contribute to landscaping.
    4. Student-led ‘Plant Protectors’: Pioneering composting and other eco-friendly initiatives.
    5. Sustainable Clothing: Introducing sustainable uniforms and promoting reusability, in collaboration with a new uniform supplier.
    6. Water Conservation: Encouraging the use of refilled bottles across the community.

Nadeen School’s Sustainable Uniform in Partnership with Kapes

Based on collective feedback over the past few years from our students, parents and staff, we are delighted to announce our new sustainable uniform, crafted from a blend of organic, recycled, and renewable materials. This initiative is part of our whole-school approach to sustainability, made possible through our partnership with Kapes. More about Kapes’ mission can be found here.

Sustainable Materials for Our Uniforms

Each Kapes uniform is designed with eco-friendly materials that minimise environmental impact:

    • Organic Cotton: This cotton variant requires less water and energy, produces less CO2 than conventionally farmed cotton, and eliminates the use of GMOs and harmful pesticides.
    • Lyocell: A versatile and comfortable eco-friendly fabric.
    • Recycled Polyester: Kapes uses recycled polyester to reduce energy consumption, decrease our dependence on fossil fuels, and repurpose plastic bottles.
    • Coconut Shell Buttons: Upcycled coconut shell buttons further enhance the eco-friendliness of our uniforms.


Ethical Manufacturing Process

Kapes ensures that all of its products are manufactured in factories that have been ethically certified and audited by bodies like Sedex. This guarantees employee welfare, fair wages, adherence to fair working practices, and commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Carbon Offsetting Partnership with Kapes

Kapes assesses the environmental impact of each product, allowing them to offset our school uniform’s carbon footprint annually. Each uniform you purchase contributes to social impact credits, which support schools in need by funding essential projects.

Addressing Educational Barriers and Creating Sustainable Job Opportunities

In many developing countries, the cost of a uniform can be a significant barrier to education. Thanks to our partnership with Kapes, for every Nadeen student that purchases a uniform, a free one will be donated to a child in need in a developing country.

Experience for Nadeen Students with Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Project

Our students from Year 7 onwards will have the opportunity to engage in an immersive education experience with the Wildlife Works Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project in Kenya. This initiative provides invaluable insights into wildlife protection, forest conservation, and the positive impacts on the local community.

Availability of the New Uniform

    • An online ordering portal/website will open to parents from the 1st of August.
    • Uniforms ordered by the 20th of August will be delivered to your residence on the 22nd of August.
    • Uniform orders placed after the 21st of August will be delivered to your residence on the next working day.
    • Starting from the 1st of October, uniforms can also be collected at the Kapes locker situated at the school.
    • A pop-up uniform shop at school will be available on the 22nd and 23rd of August. Here, families will be able to try on samples and place orders, with delivery to your residence the next working day.
    • Throughout the year, a fitting room will be set up at the main student entrance, allowing students to try on sizes before purchasing additional uniforms.

School Shoes

All students are required to wear formal black leather school shoes as a part of the new uniform next year. These can be lace up, velcro or ‘mary jane’ type shoes (not casual loafers) – please see examples below. Please be aware when purchasing shoes over the summer. White ankle socks can be worn with school shoes.

PE Shoes

For PE lessons, trainers are to be predominantly white in colour- with a white, non-marking sole. These are also to be specifically sports shoes appropriate for a range of physical sporting activities. All examples are shown below. White ankle socks can be worn with PE shoes.
(Please note: these trainers are specifically required for general PE lessons. Any specialist shoes – ie. football boots, or basketball court shoes can be worn for clubs or other competitions outside of class time.)



Please click on the link below to view a list of frequently asked questions.

FAQs – Nadeen School’s Sustainable Uniforms

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