Taste Testing Session with Calo: Seeking Healthy and Convenient Meal Solutions for Students

Taste Testing Session with Calo: Seeking Healthy and Convenient Meal Solutions for Students

In a quest to find a healthy and convenient meal solution for our students, a taste testing session was recently arranged with Calo, the renowned meal plan company. The event, which included Primary and Secondary students, parents, and staff members, aimed to gather valuable input and feedback on student meals  provided by Calo as part of their Calo Kids offering. The session proved to be an exciting and engaging experience for all.
The taste testing session began with the presentation and distribution of the meals. The anticipation and excitement in the room grew as participants began opening their lunches, revealing a fantastic array of healthy food selections containing a savoury and sweet component along with fresh fruit and vegetables. As the attendees sampled and tasted the food, the overall feedback was positive. The variety of colours and flavours presented in these healthy meals definitely excited students. The combination of healthy ingredients and convenient packaging appeared to be a winning formula. While the feedback was largely positive, it is important to acknowledge that any initial trial can benefit from improvements and Calo is committed to providing the best possible healthy and convenient meal solutions to our students and parents. 
The taste testing session with Calo provided an invaluable opportunity for Primary and Secondary students, parents, and staff members to sample and provide feedback on student meals.


I really enjoyed the food because it is well portioned and the food was very healthy and pretty fresh

– Aiden, Year 6 


Next Steps
We would like to gauge your interest in using the Calo Kids meal offering. If this is something that you would be interested in, please could you complete this Expression of Interest Form by 12pm, Tuesday the 7th of November.


Once all expressions of interest have been received and analysed, further information regarding this will be shared with all parents.


My favourite item of them all is the quesadilla pizza

– Student at Calo tasting session 


I just tasted some of the food and I really loved everything.

Yara, Year  6