Celebrating the Fusion of Mathematics and Art

Celebrating the Fusion of Mathematics and Art by Mr Gerry

Mathematics and art are two completely different disciplines. One deals with formulas and equations, while the other explores creativity and designs. 

This year Nadeen Maths Art Exhibition 2023 showcased the stunning connections and interactions between Mathematics and Art. This competition offered a unique opportunity for our students to showcase their creativity and mathematical skills in a fun and engaging way. By combining the beauty of art with the logic of mathematics, students ignited their passion for both subjects. 

Students who participated in this competition enhanced their artistic abilities and fostered critical thinking, problem-solving, and imagination. The Nadeen Maths Art Exhibition 2023 presented a diverse range of artistic styles, all inspired by mathematical concepts. From geometric patterns to fraction art, symmetry art to tessellations, and graph art to number patterns, the artists of Nadeen have left us in awe of their exceptional abilities. 


I Ioved being part of the Nadeen Maths Art Exhibition it has been an incredible journey for me. My entry ‘Golden Spiral of Life’ was inspired by my mum and all the creativity around us in maths.

Bethany, a talented young artist in Year 4 shared her experience


My entry ‘Geometric Craze’ is where I created art that linked to Mathematics. It has opened new possibilities for me.

– Aaryan, another student artist in Year 6 added


The Maths Art Exhibition Competition was a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when mathematics and art converge. Each entry revealed a unique perspective on the beauty of mathematical concepts, reminding us that creativity knows no bounds when inspired by the elegance of numbers and equations. These excellent math art exhibition examples will undoubtedly continue to inspire our students to explore the connections between mathematics and art. Congratulations to House Aradous who were announced overall winners of the Nadeen Maths Art Competition 2023.


I was blown away by the creativity and originality of our talented students. There was a vast range of different mathematical concepts used and I loved the variety and interpretations by all the different artists! Well done to all who took the time to share to create their masterpieces!

– Ms. Lauren, Head of Primary and who was also a judge of the competition said



Integrating mathematics into art has allowed our students to discover the beauty and relevance of both subjects. It’s been a joy to witness their creativity flourish, and I’m thrilled to see them gaining recognition for their exceptional artwork.

Ms. Rien, our Art teacher in Nadeen shared her thoughts