New School Building Update – 29 July 2022

New Campus Update

During the summer holidays, the work has continued to progress on our new campus in Dilmunia!

We are very excited every week to see further developments and how our new building is taking shape.  In August and our new school academic year, we are looking forward to a busy year of transition and positive changes for our students with the wonderful opportunities that await them in our new home in Dilmunia.

New School Facts:

Did you know?

  1. The total area of the plot of land for our new school campus is 17,462 m2.
  2. A 2,084m2 outdoor central playground area for our students and a total play area of 7,006m2.
  3. A 982m2 Indoor Sports Hall.
  4. A football pitch, running track and Multi use outdoor game court.
  5. We will have a main 212m2 swimming pool (with a 25m length) and a 51m2 learner pool.
  6. A Staff and Parent Coffee lounge.
  7. A 50m2 Fitness Gym.
  8. 44 classrooms.
  9. Additional specialist rooms for Science, Music, ICT, Art, Nutrition, STEAM
  10. 2 Music Studios and an Ensemble Room.
  11. Covered outdoor sitting areas, mud kitchen and farm.
  12. 91 ‘indoor’ car parking spaces.


We will continue events to visit the school in Term 1 2022/23.  Students will visit the school during term 1, having a tour, sharing ideas for the layout of their classrooms, and learning spaces.  We aim to move into our new school building during Term 2 2022/23.


We will keep you updated over the coming weeks of the progress of our new building.

Please see the link for the upcoming events here and to keep up to date with our latest news on our website.

Key Dates for August:
Thursday 25th August – Orientation Day (An informal event to meet all teachers, staff and families at the start of the year).
Sunday 28th August – First Day back at School!
Monday 29th August – Meet the Teacher/Curriculum evening (A session for parents to find out what the students will be learning and opportunity to ask any individual or day to day questions).
Tuesday 30th August – Music/Sport and After school club presentation for Parents and Students (A presentation to introduce the after school provision and opportunity to ask about clubs, activities etc).
Thursday 1st September – Coffee with the Principal (Mr Paul will go through updates from the school, a look at what is coming up, priorities and a chance for parents to meet and mingle with others).