Welcome to the Secondary School at Nadeen School – 28 July 2022

What to expect in the Secondary School

Nadeen School has a very exciting year ahead as we grow from a Primary school to a Whole School (all-through school).  With the growth into Year 7 and the Secondary School, Nadeen now offers continuity and security to its students beyond Year 6.

Independence– Encourages to take ownership and responsibility over one’s learning, goals, and efforts in all that they do.

Organisation– Further developing their organisational skills in order to ensure they are adequately prepared to achieve their goals.

Expectations– Encouraged to uphold high expectations of themselves in all aspects regarding their effort and leading by example.

Subjects– Students will experience more distinct subjects being taught as a part of their KS3 curriculum.

Integration– More integrated work within subjects. E.g. learning grammar and punctuation through a novel study.

Connections– Make new connections and support one another whilst also remaining connected with the rest of the school.

Preparation– Ensuring that they are fully prepared each and every day and for any upcoming tasks.

What is means to be in Year 7…

Year 7 is the first year of high school and KS3.  The aim is to not only transition students to further discreet subjects, more teachers, and higher expectations, but also to prepare them longer term for whatever the rest of high school brings.  Students are supported by their teachers to continue developing positive habits that will stay with them and serve them well throughout Secondary School.  This takes time and hard work, so there will be mistakes made along the way- but they are not to worry, as their teachers will always be there to support them.

Support– Students will be fully supported throughout the transition to the Secondary school by their teachers across all subjects.  In addition, they have their peers there to also support them.  Should they have a question, they only need to ask.

Care– Students will not only be guided with care through their learning, but students will also have their wider skills nurtured fully. With care and guidance, students will acquire the skills needed in order to continue successfully and fully prepared for their Secondary journey.

Understanding– New learning means that mistakes are inevitable and a fact of life. The purpose of KS3 is to facilitate the best environment for students to always try their best.  Students may not always get it right, but with guidance and understanding from teachers, students will be supportively challenged to do their best.

“As Head of Secondary, I am thrilled to be able to support and guide the students though their Secondary School journey, whilst ensuring that Nadeen graduates are successfully and fully prepared for the future of their choice.”

Stephanie Andronikos, Head of Secondary School