Student Voice – Sports Day

Student’s Perspective (UKS2 & KS3)


Since March, Sports Day has been my favourite day of the year, better than my birthday, than school holidays. Last year, I had won some medals, and I wanted to equal that, or even win more. My friends knew how determined I was to win, every lesson about sprinting in P.E was all I could think about, the technique, everything from how to swing your arms and how to land on your feet. On the day of Sports Day, both me and my friends were so nervous. We didn’t know how the day would go, what to expect. The pressure we all faced – it’s hard to describe, but without it, I don’t think I could have gotten nearly as far as I did. I think halfway through our races, speed didn’t enable us to win, it was just sheer determination. Also, when I stood up to receive my medals, when I clapped along for friends winning medals. Sports Day had been more than just a couple of track and field events, for a lot of us, it meant the world. And the knowledge that I, and not just me, but all my friends and classmates had beaten themselves from last year – that was probably the best feeling in the world.                                                – Yasmina Year 7.


What did others think about their Sports Day?


I like how everyone tries their best, and they want to win, they have the passion to win, and at the end, we all congratulate each other.”  – Scott, Year 6.


Sports Day was fun because everyone was athletic, tried their best and that everyone supported their house, but they are also respecting other houses.”  – Mia, Year 6.


Making my house proud and helping others.” – Yousif, Year 6.


I enjoyed my 2-lap race and performing better than I did last year.”  – Ali, Year 6.


See the light at the end of your inspirational tunnel.” – Peter, Year 6.


“I enjoyed participating for myself and my house.” – Lila, Year 6.


I enjoyed watching people’s different abilities and strengths.”  – Eylul, Year 7.



UKS2 & KS3 Sports Day Standings

  1. Aradous
  2. Awal
  3. Tylos
  4. Dilmun


LKS2 Sports Day Standings

  1. Dilmun
  2. Tylos
  3. Aradous
  4. Awal


We simply can not wait for next year, and well done to all!


By Yasmina , Nikky and Talib Year 7