Student Voice – Year 7 Geography

Year 7 Geography


In Year 7 geography, the children have been studying the British Isles, the UK and Great Britain. Do you know the difference between the three? They studied aspects of physical geography such as where in the world the British Isles are located, as well as geographical features such as rivers and mountains. They also looked at the different weather patterns across the different regions. When focusing on human geography, the children learnt about the movement of people and the immigrants who have come to make up the population of the UK. There was also a study of an urban and a rural setting. Their penultimate lesson looked at facts about the UK and its people, before they finally went on to make comparisons between life in the UK and here in Bahrain based on their learning and knowledge of their current home. Some children also carried out some research on London. Each lesson formed a chapter of their books. These books have not been edited so there may be the odd factual error but hopefully, they demonstrate the learning that takes place in secondary school geography.