Nadeen School Parent Survey 2023/24

Nadeen School Parent Survey 2023/24

We are delighted to share with you the results of our most recent annual Parent Survey.

In this article we have included a summary presentation of the results, an action plan and also parent comments. For any individual positive comments to teachers, we have passed these on directly to the member of staff.

First and foremost, thank you to all parents who took the time to complete the Nadeen School Parent Survey this year – we really appreciate your feedback, both in areas of real strength and those that we need to keep improving. As a community, we embrace continuous improvement and want the best possible learning environment in school for our students, staff and parents. In our new campus, we are proud of our progress but have much more to do in the future as we settle into our new school.

6 months into the new campus, we have seen good progress in areas and during the next 6 months we are excited to see many more developments. This has required support, hard work and a lot of patience as we step by step complete tasks safely, to the highest quality and ensure the best education for our students.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support, encouragement and trust. It is very important to us to keep maintaining our caring ethos, these excellent educational standards in the classroom and the exciting learning experiences for our students. We look forward to celebrating another successful academic year for our entire community here at Nadeen School.


Overall happiness, recommendation and satisfaction 

98% of parents are happy with ‘how much their child enjoys school’.

92% of parents would ‘recommend Nadeen School to other parents’.

90% of parents are ‘satisfied or very satisfied with the school overall’.


Overall survey results

The areas that you believe that Nadeen School excels in:

    1. Reputation of the School
    2. Facilities
    3. Quality of Teaching
    4. School Community

The areas that you believe our school needs to improve in:

    1. After School Activities
    2. The Method of Communication from the School with the Academic Team
    3. The Frequency of Activities and Events






Parent feedback:_

We are grateful to Nadeen School and thank you for all the efforts in making our children’s journey enriching and memorable.” 

– Primary School Parent comment


The festive shows were incredible and I loved watching them perform. Seeing my children happy and confident every day is a blessing. I love that my eldest always wants to explore more and follow on from her learning and my youngest wants to tell me about everything she has found out.” 

– Primary School Parent comment


You make us feel welcome from the moment we drop our kids every single member of Nadeen staff is friendly we parents and kids feel welcome and appreciated , well done and thank you.” 

– Primary School Parent comment


The students are settling into the new campus and secondary school seamlessly.” 

– Secondary School Parent comment


To finish the article, we have put in the optional general comments from parents in the survey to share the thoughts of everyone.

– Nadeen Parent Comments (Nadeen School Parent Survey Survey 2023/24)

The teachers are exceptional and very good with the kids.

Slowly we can see the school’s achievements crystallizing . And Nadeen reputation is getting better

Enjoyed the Christmas festive singing

Smooth transition and opening of the new campus for children.

The whole moving process was a really big project and i think you have done an exceptional work on that.You have created an amazing environment for the kids and you are open to suggestions,changes and pay attention to our concerns.You have a o lot to celebrate and be proud of what you have succeeded as a team.Keep up with the great job you are doing!  

All is good

The school standing strong with its outstanding reputation for 46years

Fantastic team spirit and community feel

Bahrain day was a lovely celebration, as was the festive fun day.

Moving to a bigger school but the feel of being a family is still there

Friendly environment

It is great that we still feel part of the same family despite the big campus and the growing number of students.

Ontime weekly updates and prompt email response from teachers

The community events such as the Festive Fair and Bahrain National Day were all huge successes. Looking forward to the fun run and Teachmeet events coming up.

This year, the Nadeen School community’s biggest success has been its strong sense of unity and support. The collaborative spirit among teachers, students, and parents in various school activities and events has been remarkable. This togetherness and shared commitment to education and well-being are truly something to celebrate.

The Christmas Fair, I loved the Y9 performance

The carnival and the national day were organized successfully.

Well done so far

Keep it up

Festive fair was a great success

The move, of course! It has been a pleasure to watch how you have been moving firmly, step by step, towards the vision of what the school will eventually look like! We parents understand that everything cannot be ready and set straight away. Keep up the good work!

New level of teaching

We will keep our values intact, small class size, but now have amazing facilities for everyone!

I think the move to the new campus is going very well

A nice school campus , its facilities and good hiring of professional staff

The new campus is amazing

Everyone is so cooperative

The shift to a new bigger school has been smooth.

Moving to a new campus has been fantastic. The whole family loved the sports festival and the Festive Fair. We look forward to many more school events.

The Festive fair was really good.

The nice community you have created with the old alumni of the school and the new ones.

Lovely to meet up with other parents at the coffee with the principal mornings

All The school events, especially the winter market or Christmas market all kids love it even outside kids are waiting come again

Our son just joined the school but we are already happy to be a part of the community

Big community is a reason to celebrate.

Opening of a new campus of course.

Very good atmosphere

The school was able to handle the move to the new campus in a very smooth way and all was happy with the safe and organized drop off and pickup system in place  

Sports teams, swimming classes and awesome events.

The Christmas concert

The new campus.

Disco was fun for the kids

Settling in well into the new campus and how its being managed from morning drop offs to school activities and beyond.

You over doubled your student body this year and even though there have been some hiccups mostly everything has gone smoothly. The children’s education has not been compromised at all through the process. I am very impressed.

They go to school happy

The fun events for kids to celebrate with school and the school community

People generally are friendly and polite within Nadeen even the security staff are brilliant

Everything as expected

The Christmas Fair was great! I really enjoyed coming on campus as a community.

The winter fair was done exceptionally well! Congratulations to all teachers and students

The success transition from the old campus to the new. Well done to all the staff at Nadeen School.

Moving into a new big campus

Moving to the new campus

Great Team

The national day parade felt extremely special

Settling into new location, working out drop-off/pick-up, etc. in new facility.

Moving to the new campus is a huge accomplishment and has made such a positive impact not only for the students, but the staff and community.

They can do a great effort in new campas I’m really proud

I believe that Nadeen School hit a huge milestone by moving to a beautiful, brand-new campus. This opens up many opportunities for the children, staff, and parents to learn and grow as a community. I personally was excited about the new campus because this would have been a dream school to have attended.

After school club development / offerings

all activities

The new CUMPUS

You have taught children many skills, such as swimming

the transition to bigger school

good environment for active learning

The teachers commitment to the various events and shows. Big applause to them.

I guess the new campus is closer to us so it made the decision to move to Nadeen easy

We weren’t at Nadeen last year but the beautiful new campus is amazing.

Moving into a new well built and thought of campus

our kids living in a healthy community

The beautiful campus

Opening of Secondary and moving to a new school, it was generally seamless. You should feel proud of the effort made by staff and management.

More happy faces

the festive fair was wonderful

Using your campus for the fair, the coffee with the principal… all good initiatives.

The school has settled drastically in the new campus and has achieved alot of milestones regarding settling in at a new venue .

All good

School has sustained the culture of nadeen school

I see parents generally turn up to support events whenever possible. since the school moved due to distance this may have been adversely affected at least in my ability to attend all events. Other than that, the successful transition to the new school premises is a great cause for celebration

Still living up with small school big family concept.

Reputation across the country has rocketed and is very positive

Getting the chance to have a school with great facilities. Introduction of swimming classes and many ECAs.

Moving into the new facilities

Growing community/school family

Lots of activities, which is very happy and positive for the child’s development

The social sports day that was held on the Saturday was a fantastic event and the festive fair was the best yet!

They are all excited and enthusiastic about the new premises and that has reflected on the students and their parents.

Good team work, discipline and care

The new campus is lovely

We really enjoyed the festival this year in the new campus, it was so organised and unique.

Warm welcome from all staff in the morning and afternoon.

the events have a better and bigger space for all

Nadeen managed to keep their school philosophy and vibe.

New campus, new beginning, senior school, new uniform etc.

Nadeen team(school community) has successfully implemented impactful events to connect and create an authentic bond with outside community, something that deserves to be CELEBRATED.

The sports day and winter festival was a success. However, there was a lack of communication with parents who wants to participate of activities and were never contacted even though they volunteered to join assist in the events.


The new campus is definitely a success and worth celebrating

All activities such as festive concert, festive fair were successful.

All the after-school activities which make the school more than just a place for compulsory learning

The events organised so far were a success due to the facilities and the space.

New students coming in, so Nadeen’s family is growing and we are so happy for you 🙂

It’s been a great transition so far to the new campus. Well done.

The move to new campus was an overall success, hoping that the things that fell through the cracks get addressed with time

The Christmas fair was fantastic & the children Disco.

Transition to new place and setup and still going strong .. Still keeping the communication open and strong

The school community this year is more wide. Good management between work and school events.

Events have been successful

Settling into the new campus without any major challenges.

Management of a big campus

New campus and more learning