We are the Nadeen Wolves and the Nadeen Wolf Pack – By Shanee Puri

We are the Nadeen Wolves and the Nadeen Wolf Pack – By Shanee Puri

When selecting a school team mascot we chose to reflect not only on the animal itself but also on that animal’s characteristics, how they naturally work together within a team, and also the message that we wanted our mascot to convey.

After deliberating between different animals, both natural (such as the Nadeen Dolphins and the Nadeen Falcons) and mystical (such as the Nadeen Dragons, the Nadeen Phoenixes) we settled on the wolf.


Further inspiration behind our wolf mascot was derived from the works of Jim and Jamie Dutcher who studied the social hierarchy and interactions of the Sawtooth Wolf Pack in Idaho, USA, over the course of six years.


Within the dynamics of the Sawtooth Pack, we witnessed countless moments of affection and were touched by the care they demonstrate for one another. Certain wolves would choose to spend time together, appearing to simply enjoy each other’s company. Reinforcing bonds was routine. Rarely did two wolves pass each other without playfully rubbing shoulders or exchanging a brief lick. Wolves release tension by playing, while also keeping their physical skills well-tuned and reinforcing their bonds within the pack.
Wolves are capable of not only emotion but also real compassion. This is the view of the wolf that we want to share—a wolf that is neither saint nor sinner. Instead, they are intelligent and highly sensitive animals that are at once both individualistic and social. They care for their injured, protect their family, and instinctively need to be part of something bigger than themselves—their family, the pack.

– Jim and Jamie Dutcher – Living with the Sawtooth Pack



When it came to visually represent our mascot we knew that we wanted to incorporate three elements into the design: our school history and community, the fact that we are in Bahrain, and intentional messaging behind the mascot.

In this artwork you can see these three components which all come together to form our Nadeen Wolves mascot. In the center of our mascot is the Nadeen School flower which has been part of the school since 1978, a representation of our community and history. Surrounding the flower is Arabic calligraphy which represents our place in Bahrain and honors the rich heritage of the country and region in which we all live. Written in that calligraphy is the message of our wolf – a quote from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


…the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.


This quote perfectly represents our school team, our school family, our school community.

  • We are each as strong as our community and, in turn, we each create the strength of our community through what we contribute each day.
  • We move together and support each other
  • And, like a wolf pack, we care, we play, and we bond with each other.



Our Nadeen Wolf looks over our indoor sports facility and serves as a reminder that we are a team. We are a pack. Our strength comes from the support we give each other and to our school.

We are very excited to host events, activities, competitions, and sessions in this space. From basketball, volleyball, and netball to badminton, futsal, hockey, gymnastics, and more, this is space for our students, our team, and our community to be active and healthy – and to further develop the bonds that keep our pack healthy and strong.