The Environment Show

The Environment Show by The Production Team: Mr Tom, Ms Sionelle, Ms Gaby, and Ms Amita

On the stage, in the playground, inside classrooms, and in the car on the way home from school, these places have been full of song for the last two months. From ‘The Band Went Green’, ‘Plant a Salad’ and ‘eBay’, it will be difficult to get these catchy tunes out of your head. It was a privilege to be able to bring Nadeen School’s end-of-year production to life, and this would not have been possible without the immense efforts of students, teachers, and parents, all working together as a team. From after-school acting rehearsals to in-class singing and dancing rehearsals to students practicing their lines and songs at home – it was heart-warming to see it all come together on stage over the two nights!


Performing in front of an audience takes confidence. To see so many smiling faces and energetic actions whilst singing their hearts out, this will be an occasion the students will remember for years to come.

– Mr. Tom


A performance on stage and in front of an audience gives an opportunity to so many students to display their interest and talent in performing arts, which is a significant part of student life. It helps build their confidence, public speaking skills, and commitment towards their roles. A lucky set of 24 students from across Primary and Secondary were then chosen to take on acting roles in the show. To begin with, they had a read-through with the full cast and everyone was so excited to learn who they would be working with and learn more about the production. All of the students worked really hard over the next 10 weeks and attended rehearsals during their playtimes, after school, and even once during the holiday! All of the students thought of interesting ways to bring their characters to life. The band members used their imagination to come up with unique ways that they could interact with these strange characters and how to keep the acting interesting. The students spent so much time working on how to make their performance funny for the audience and the costumes helped with this even more.


I thoroughly enjoyed preparing the dance moves for all 10 songs in the show – it brought immense pleasure to me to see all those actions being performed on the stage flawlessly and effortlessly by all the students in the school. We were delighted to see our students work incredibly hard on stage and backstage to ensure a display of a fantastic show.

– Ms Amita



The study of theatre can provide a meaningful education that inspires curiosity, adaptability, critical thinking, and a life-long love of learning which is a culture in and of itself to belong to in global communities where education is celebrated. Performing in plays not only provides a catalyst for social development, but fosters a love of working in an ensemble that develops the critical thinking skill of weaving an academic tapestry to support the contextual knowledge housed by a play, and its potential to support constructivist learning.


The process for the End of Year show started back in March when the students auditioned for a chance to be in the show. I am so proud of what all the students have accomplished and can’t wait to see what they do next year. All the students in the school came together to put on an amazing show! Well done to everyone for their hard work and dedication.

– Ms Gaby


This was an absolutely fantastic show and a brilliant way to round up a great year. We look forward to being in our new state-of-the-art facilities next academic year, where we can produce and put on even more spectacular shows!