Student Voice Series: My thoughts about adapting in a new school


We are excited to reintroduce our Student Voice Series of articles at Nadeen School.  These articles aim to enable our students to express an opinion, celebrate their learning and most of all enjoy a holistic education as a part of Our Philosophy. We hope that you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy seeing our students write these articles.


Student Voice Series: My thoughts about adapting in a new school by Venisha in Year 6

Today it’s the first day of a brand new school. I am nervous, stressed and excited. As I brush my teeth, I think of all the embarrassing things that could happen to me, I get dressed in my shining school uniform that my mum had just ironed the night before and make my hair neat and clean. I marched down the stairs feeling like there were bugs in my stomach and hungry as a lion. My breakfast had already been placed on the table, I finished it as fast as a cheetah. I told myself “Don’t worry it will be fine”.

This is what I imagine the feelings are of a student joining a new school. I feel that kids who go to a new school feel nervous and stressed. I have been in Nadeen school ever since I was in pre-nursery, I have seen some amazing teachers and students leaving and joining. I used the paragraph above to show how new students may feel on their first day of school.

My passion is to help new students feel welcome and introduce them to our fantastic community. Sometimes, if students need help with anything I want to be there ready to help, I remember when it was my first day of school I was very tiny and young when I first joined Nadeen School, nevertheless I had a lot of excitement and happiness on my first day. I hope the new kids will have fun too! As the primary school’s head girl I always want to support students into making their future in our school a better place.

I hope students read this article and think about how beautiful and marvellous our school can be. There will be many astonishing and inspiring things in Nadeen school that you will soon find out. Let’s come together to make the new members of our community feel at home.