Parent and Child Music Workshops

Parent and Child Music Workshops by Mr Tom

Whether it be an IPC Exit Point, Early Years Open Day or a Music Workshop, it has been recognised that parental involvement has a more positive impact on their child’s learning than many other factors. Having an opportunity to share in their child’s learning not only gives parents an insight into what their child is learning within their music lessons, but also brings out more confidence in the parents being able to support their child’s learning at home, while also bringing out the child’s confidence in being able to show off their skills or even demonstrate to their parents how to perform something.

The workshops not only gave the children an opportunity to show off their skills, but also fostered greater communication between parent and child, allowing the parents to experience and share a moment in their child’s education. The fact that the workshops were designed to be exciting, fun and engaging also supported this relationship and encouraged positive communication not only between parents and their children, but also between parents and other parent’s children too.



Throughout the workshops, it was evident that there were many benefits for both parents and children including:

    • Parents being introduced to a sample of the types of music the children discover in their music lessons.
    • Parents seeing their children performing and interacting with other children through music.
    • Parents having the opportunity to perform a style of music on instruments they’ve never played before.
    • Parents and children having the opportunity to spend time with each other in a completely different environment.

Many more parent and child music workshops will be run by Mr Tom in the future, so please look out for email updates along with a sign-up form to book a space.