Our Performance Theatre

Our Performance Theatre by Dr Paul Walton

This morning, the school hall is quiet and the stage is set once again.

For our Performance Theatre, it has been an incredibly busy four weeks of a range of exciting performances, presentations and energy bringing this new facility to life.  The stage has been heavily used by our students and staff.  After the first month in the building and after only ten school days we have already seen:

    • Assemblies
    • Dance Performances
    • PE/Keep Fit Sessions
    • Staff INSET Training Events
    • CPD Activities
    • Uniform Launch
    • Safeguarding Training
    • Coffee with the Principal

The stage gives students the opportunity to build confidence, collaboration skills and fosters creativity.  Many articles show how Performing Arts can boost students and their development.  The events have many students and staff involved in backstage crew, music technology, stage design and much more. An area where students can present, perform and express themselves is important in our school as we often talk about mindset and encouraging our students to embrace challenges and lifelong learning!

In our previous campus, we did not have an hall or stage on site.  Finally, having this option for the students has been a welcome bonus. We are very grateful and feel very lucky to have such a space.


Moving forward, this gives our students time to use the space before presenting, becoming familiar with the space, the sound and the technology.  All of these small differences and adjustments create belief, calmness and reassurance before they present in front of others. They help students in many different ways when they showcase their work on stage. Removing these smaller hurdles are marginal gains that quickly add up and in turn increase the likelihood of people opting in to perform, the enjoyment of the activity and also the overall quality of the end product.  They can experiment with many forms including singing, dancing, drama, speaking, debating, presenting etc.


A substantial increase in arts educational experiences has remarkable impacts on students’ academic, social, and emotional outcomes



Our students are very happy with our new stage and we are excited to see how they will use and occupy this learning space through Performing Arts as we offer a well-rounded education. With our holistic learning approach, the social, emotional and creative elements will benefit from this new addition to our school.

With a year ahead of many events, clubs, activities and performances, our students will have an abundance of learning opportunities.  We aim to help our students try as many as possible, explore and enjoy performing, singing, dancing and being involved!


Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding on the 20th.

– British screen legend Julie Andrews.