New Campus and INSET Roundup – August 2023

New Campus and INSET Roundup by Dr Paul Walton

It has been a fantastic start to life in our New School Campus here at Nadeen School!

During the INSET week with staff, we have covered many areas that were essential for us to go through as a team to ensure that we are fully prepared for the first day of school. We previously shared an update from the first INSET day.

A highlight of the week has been to have so many dedicated sessions to enable the team to focus on the handover of key areas and wonderful facilities:

      • Outdoor Playground Equipment Training
      • Science Lab Training
      • IT/Google Training
      • Maintenance Training
      • Swimming Pool Training

The collaboration areas have quickly taken shape and we have had many ideas to look at how these will be used and occupied during lessons and projects this year.  A wonderful bonus that we didn’t have in our previous campus.

The classrooms are decorated, prepared and ready for our students to arrive with displays set to be populated by our students when they return and start learning in this beautiful new environment.

The educational terraces overlook the central play areas and give a feeling that all students are together as one team, as you can see Early Years students, Primary and Secondary all in one main area with classrooms all around this space.  This is a great improvement from our previous campus as now the youngest and oldest students can play together and see each other each day!

The specialist areas are huge! They have enabled us to have 2 swimming pools, a large sports hall and outside football area plus much more.  When our events, clubs and fixtures start, these will be used to the maximum.  Students will be able to try a range of new sports, activities and games with such an abundance of facilities and resources for us to enjoy.


This school campus opens up endless possibilities for collaboration, events and exciting learning opportunities for our students, staff and parents. We can’t wait to get started and use the facilities with our students. It has been hugely enjoyable to see how our staff have immediately settled into the new school setting and we look forward to our students arriving on the first day of school!

– Dr Paul Walton, Principal



We have confirmed the first events for the upcoming school year as included below and we look forward to seeing everyone soon.

Thursday 24 August 2023 (Orientation Day + Family social event) 9.00am – 12pm. Click here to RSVP

Sunday 27 August 2023 (First Day of School for all students Term 1) 8.00am

Monday 28 August 2023 (Presentation – Meet the teacher) 5.00pm – 6pm. Click here to RSVP

Tuesday 29 August 2023 (Presentation – ECA’s/Sport at Nadeen/International Trips) 1.00pm – 2pm. Click here to RSVP

Wednesday 30 August 2023 (Presentation – Inclusion Department) 1.00pm – 2pm. Click here to RSVP


We look forward to a very exciting, happy and successful Term 1 in 2023/24 and seeing everyone very soon!

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