Nadeen’s Got Talent

Nadeen’s Got Talent!

Every year we look forward to Nadeen’s Got Talent, an event that is organised and run by the School Council and is always a firm favourite on the event calendar. On Wednesday 7th June, this was no different! Some of the most talented students at Nadeen School took to the stage to showcase their skills in front of an esteemed panel of judges and the rest of the school’s staff and students. Applying for Nadeen’s Got Talent was a significant milestone, as students had to submit a 60-second video to Heads of Houses and House Captains demonstrating their talent.

This submission process allowed the Heads of Houses and House Captains to come together and watch all the videos, and selecting just five student acts to represent each house was no easy feat – it becomes more challenging each year, and this year, even the staff contributed an act per house.

At the event during the afternoon, participants were preparing themselves to perform on stage. The acts represented all four houses and all primary year levels, including Year 7. The show commenced with a special showcase from our Ballet Club students. They performed a mixed house collaborative piece, displaying their talents and what they have achieved in their extra-curricular activity. It was truly wonderful to watch. Following this opening performance, the show continued with the participants’ acts. The array of talents on display ranged from singing, ice skating, hula-hooping, and dancing, to showcasing maths skills and magic tricks. In addition, there was an outstanding special guest act featuring a dog that demonstrated a range of impressive tricks.



After each performance, the judges assigned a score out of ten and provided feedback. It was evident that the judges were thoroughly impressed with the performances, which was reflected in the constructive feedback they gave. Furthermore, the judges provided some valuable tips on how the acts could improve even further.




I really enjoyed watching and judging the Talent Show. So many talented acts have been chosen. It was a delightful day, I can’t wait to see the talent show next year! Well done to everyone who participated. From each teacher and student, everyone did absolutely great!

– Chiara, Head Girl: Judge


After the scores were calculated, one of our staff members gave a late entry performance in which he highlighted the importance of stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself, just as he was doing!

The final rankings revealed that Tylos came in fourth place, Aradous in third place, Dilmun in second place, and the winners of Nadeen’s Got Talent 2023 were Awal!

This was a completely student-led event. The presenters spoke throughout the show, the scorers calculated the scores, and the backstage crew kept the performers calm and ready to take the stage. All members of the Student Council were involved and did an excellent job. Here’s to Nadeen’s Got Talent 2024!