Girls Futsal Tournament – 15.05.2023

Girls Futsal Tournament

Last week our Year 6 girls represented Nadeen at the final Girls Football tournament of the year, an indoor Futsal Tournament at Bayan School. Well done to Minha, Joni, Alessandra, Lydia, Franca, Juhaina and Reema for such a good showing. The girls have attended football ECA throughout the year and showed true commitment by attending two additional practice sessions prior to the tournament. They played well throughout their four matches, showing great team spirit. Their tactical awareness and confidence improved with each game and they were unlucky to come away without a win. This was another great chance for them to gain experience playing against opposition they don’t know under the pressure of match conditions. 


I’m really proud of how committed the girls have been this year. The performances have continued to improve and that has shown on the pitch. I was also impressed by the team spirit, determination and sportsmanship shown by all of the girls on the day. Well done!

– Mr. Kyle


In the futsal tournament I was so nervous at first and I was excited inside. The football after school club was amazing, I loved all those tricks Mr Chris showed us. I had a lot of fun playing futsal with my friends. I hope this can happen again.

– Lydia 6PB


The Futsal tournament was a great opportunity for all of us! We lost 2 games and we drew 2 games. It was fun to do a tournament inside. We got a wonderful opportunity to play! I hope that we can have another tournament in the future.

– Minha 6GA


Football ECA has been a great success this year throughout Terms 1 & 2 with lots of girls from Year 5, 6 and 7 participating each week. Whilst a few already played regularly and enjoyed the game, we also had girls join us who had played very little other than in their PE lessons and came along to see why so many people are so passionate about football; by the end of the year they’ve found that love of the game for themselves! They’ve developed their tactical understanding of the game as well as their skills in controlling the ball. There have been tournaments and friendlies aimed at different age groups which have given us targets to work toward. We hope to see the girls return for Football ECA next year as we continue to grow the strength of Girls’ Football at Nadeen.


Mr Chris and I have loved running the Girl’s Football ECA this year, we’ve been so impressed with the progress they’ve made in reading the game, finding good space and building their range of technique. We’ve all found a new favourite game in ‘header or catch’!”  

– Miss Hannah