Gergaoun Evening 2024

Gergaoun Evening by Shanee Puri

An evening of togetherness, community, unity, and family

Gergaoun is celebrated every year on the 14th night of Ramadan throughout Bahrain and the surrounding Gulf countries. This tradition has been celebrated for hundreds of years to bring families and communities together and to reward Muslim children for fasting during the Holy Month.

This joyful occasion is marked with children singing and going door to door around their neighbourhood, collecting candies and treats in brightly decorated bags. The whole community becomes involved by playing music and traditional games, story telling, and preparing snacks to enjoy throughout the night.

We have a very dedicated and enthusiastic group of parents who volunteered to recreate this experience for our families and friends to enjoy and we were delighted to host our first traditional Gergaoun Evening at school on March 14th.  




We would like to express our gratitude and delight that we felt that evening! Amazing time with cultural dive, best family vibes, inspiring music and full of love! It was like a warm hug. You are our best choice! We were so lucky to join this year .

– by Anna Morozova – Nadeen School Parent


It was an event that had a very quick turnaround from initial discussion to hosting – a testament to the collaborative nature, enthusiastic spirit, and ‘can do…get it done’ attitude that runs through our school community.

What started as a casual conversation the previous week turned into an event that welcomed over 800 children, parents, and friends to our school. The planning and organising was taken care of by a core group of 35 mums who had a sincere and genuine wish to ‘give back’ to the community and to share the culture and traditions of Bahrain with our diverse and international families: from bringing over 1000 gergaoun bags to arranging the live band, fresa, music, live cooking, photo booth, a story-teller, henna artist, tent, lights, and decorations. Our school staff helped and supported on the day with set-up, supervision, welcoming all of our families and friends, helping at tables, and joined in with the celebration and festivities. An amazing team effort – thank you all so much!



Please see below an extract of an email sent to the school following the event on behalf of the organsing team:


On behalf of many parents that I know personally and our children, we would like to thank you and thank the School’s team for supporting us to arrange the first Gergaoun and Ramadan event at the school .

This event means a lot to us, sharing our culture and our important occasion with everyone in the school . This was a real reflection on the amazing culture we have at Nadeen that represents diversity, inclusion, and unity.

We know and appreciate all the efforts put by your team after working hours, the fasting members, and the non- fasting members, but the results are amazing , everyone left with a smile and an amazing memory.

We would like to request from the school to continue having such events, involve us as parents to support them. The amazing cooperation between us and you resulted in an amazing event. It was also good for the students to see how important is the role of everyone to have a successful event. As I said before leaving the school tonight…this was an event by all for all.

– by Zahra Taher – Nadeen School Parent




More than a Gergaoun Evening this was an event which brought us all together during a time when, locally, regionally, and internationally, unity is so important.
We spent a beautiful and meaningful evening together as a community, with families from over 60 countries enjoying the wonderful atmosphere, socialising, enjoying each others’ company,  and learning about the traditions of Ramadan and the Kingdom of Bahrain…the beautiful country we all call home.

Ramadan Kareem to all of our dear children, our families, and our friends…may it be truly blessed.