Family Picnic in the Playground

Family Picnic in the Playground by Miss Kate

In February we hosted our first (of many!) Family Picnic in the Playground events which was initiated and arranged by our fantastic School Council. This was a great opportunity for many families across the school to come together and share an afternoon in the sun with friends and family members. Students from our School Council decided that our campus is too good not to share as much as possible and therefore, this event was launched.


We decided to put this event on so that families could share and enjoy our amazing campus!

– by School Council member



On Saturday 11th February, we opened our doors to our magnificent playground for over 300 people to come and enjoy a picnic. Families from all across the school brought along their picnics and pitched a spot under a gazebo to enjoy the fresh air. Staff members on hand were ready to support families, leading games on the play equipment and in the multi-purpose court as well as handing out juices and water as we were lucky with the warm weather! Music was playing for everyone to enjoy and it was a wonderful, wholesome event full of laughter.


Thank you for an awesome afternoon!

– by Nadeen School parent


We are sure that this event will be a regular feature on our school calendar, and are already excited for the next one. Ensuring that our families and community have the opportunity to come together is so important, we are continuously coming up with ways in which we can involve them.


The School Council team made sure to share this with their classmates and encouraged many students and their families to come along. They were eager to drive this event and were able to come along and enjoy it too.

– by  Miss Kate – Nadeen School staff member