Exploring the Wonders of the Sea: Reception’s First Walking Trip to Dilmunia

Exploring the Wonders of the Sea: Reception’s First Walking Trip to Dilmunia by Miss Fatima L

Excitement filled the air as the children of Reception embarked on their very first walking trip to the Mall of Dilmunia. With sea animals capturing their imaginations, what better way to dive deeper into their learning than with a visit to the Aquarium?

Accompanied by their teachers, the children set off from Nadeen School, in their pairs moving with enthusiasm towards the Mall of Dilmunia. Despite their excitement, they remained excellent representatives of our school, demonstrating impeccable walking and listening skills throughout the journey.

Once at the Aquarium, the children explored each level, marveling at the diverse marine life on display. From colorful fish to the graceful divers that gave us a wave whilst cleaning the coral, every creature sparked wonder in their eyes. When reaching the top floor, they even got a glimpse of the awe-inspiring sharks!


He is waving to us, he can see us!

by Mustafa Kaan, Nursery Student



Learning about these incredible animals opened up new worlds for the children, sparking lively conversations and igniting their curiosity. The children were full of excitement and enthusiasm as they soaked in the wonders of the underwater world.

As the morning came to an end, the children returned to school, hearts brimming with excitement and minds buzzing with newfound knowledge with what they had seen! Their first walking trip to Dilmunia was a resounding success, and we eagerly anticipate future adventures with our Reception children.

With each step they take, our Reception children are on a journey of discovery, eager to learn more about the world around them. And as they continue to explore, they remind us all of the boundless curiosity and joy that comes with experiencing the wonders of our planet.


I see Dilmunia Mall! I come here after school with my mummy

– by Leiah Aseeri, Nursery Student