Dilmunia Developments

Dilmunia Developments

During this first year in our new campus we have seen a lot of change and development not only in the school but in our new community, Dilmunia Island.  These developments are to enhance the lives of our families and those that are now living in this new area.

Below are images of the development of the Dilmunia Marina area where there will be space for 120 sea- and dry-dock births for boats as well as Food and Beverage outlets. 


We are excited to be a part of the growing Dilmunia community and excited for the opportunities the ongoing developments will bring to our students. Please see below a quote from Mr. Mohammed Khalil Alsayed , CEO of Ithmaar Development Company , the Dilmunia island Development Manager:


We were delighted to welcome the Nadeen School community to Dilmunia as of August 2023. It is a pleasure to see Nadeen School growing and developing. It is wonderful to see the children coming to school each day – some of them cycling or walking from their own homes in Dilmunia – as well as visiting the Mall of Dilmunia, its aquarium, and other parts of the island. It is also great to have the school community active and welcoming even more people to Dilmunia through events like the Festive Fair, Fun Run, and recent Gergaoon Evening.


We are proud to have Nadeen School as part of Dilmunia and look forward to developing even more areas in the coming months for the school and children to enjoy:

– Construction of the Dilmunia Marina is ongoing with a targeted completion by Q4 2024.
– Development of the Canal and Phase 2 is one of our priorities and is scheduled to start in Q3 of 2024, subject to further approvals. This will link the constructed Phase 1 of the Canal to the Dilmunia Marina in the north and will create more than 5,000 m of walkways crossing the island from south to north .
– The Dilmunia Beach and Garden developments are scheduled for 2024/2025 and are part of the upcoming projects and will be another wonderful destination for our students and parents to visit.


We look forward to our continued collaboration and partnership with the Nadeen School family and wish the Nadeen students and team continued success.


Along with the Marina, the Dilmunia Beach and Garden will be a wonderful place for our students to explore and extend their learning. With a controlled entry family beach environment, refreshment areas, gardens and sports and leisure opportunities, this will be wonderful for our school and community to enjoy.

We are delighted to be forming long term community relationships like that with:

This is what our Nadeen Community is about and we look forward to developing further partnerships with others in our wonderful community.

With wellbeing at the heart of our school and Dilmunia community, there are many future exciting developments in the pipeline and we look forward to sharing these with you soon.