Nadeen School – COBIS Accredited School

Nadeen School is now a COBIS Accredited Member School.


What is COBIS?

COBIS(Council of British International Schools) is a membership association of British International Schools of global quality and corporate Supporting Associates. Representing over 450 organisations, COBIS is a responsive organisation, open to current and future opportunities. The association has developed markedly since its foundation, changing to meet the needs and aspirations of its growing global school membership base.


Which opportunities can COBIS provide for our students?

  • International competitions (Art, Poetry, Mathematics, Debate, Coding, Music, Leadership, Sports plus many more.)
  • Awards
  • Partnerships
  • Collaboration opportunities with schools


Which opportunities can COBIS provide for staff?

  • Teaching and Learning courses
  • Leadership courses
  • Administration courses
  • Safeguarding training and courses


“Selecting the right school can be a challenging process. However, with robust membership criteria, ongoing monitoring, and statutory requirements to undertake safeguarding training, parents, staff and corporate employers can be reassured that COBIS member schools operate within specific guidelines of ethical practice and good governance which reflect the high standards and ethos expected of a first class British style educational system…”

We are delighted to announce this as a school, following on from our recent ‘Outstanding’ BSO report (Please see below), our previous BQA ‘Outstanding’ report and the eagerly anticipated opening of our new state-of-the-art campus in Dilmunia, these are exciting times for our community.


“Nadeen School is a very special place for the pupils and the families it serves. Pupils flourish at the school, due to the school’s close attention that it pays to pupils’ personal development. The impact of this can be seen in high levels of achievement in academic standards. The curriculum offered is directly relevant to pupils’ needs.”

– PENTA Inspection Report 2022


Click here to read our Full BSO Inspection report


“It is another significant step forward for our community as we continue to seek further exciting opportunities for our students, offer the best professional development for our staff and gain international recognition for the progress we are making.  These are very exciting times for our Nadeen School community” 

Paul Walton, Principal

We look forward to the next stage our our growth as a school with our new campus currently being finished for Spring 2023.


For further information, please see our full Accreditations and Awards page here.