Nadeen School has been rated ‘Outstanding’.

Nadeen School has been rated ‘Outstanding’ in our latest British Schools Overseas inspection by PENTA International.


Penta International is an inspectorate of British Schools Overseas and is accredited by the British Government’s Department for Education (DfE). In June 2022, BSO completed a comprehensive inspection of our school that included a visit for lesson observations, policy checks, meetings, learning walks, data analysis and discussions with groups of students, staff and parents. Our report is now published on the BSO website and on the UK Department for Education as an outstanding school.


“Nadeen School is a very special place for the pupils and the families it serves. Pupils flourish at the school, due to the school’s close attention that it pays to pupils’ personal development. The impact of this can be seen in high levels of achievement in academic standards. The curriculum offered is directly relevant to pupils’ needs.”

– PENTA Inspection Report 2022


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We are delighted to be recognised as ‘Outstanding’ once again by the recent inspection and this shows our continued efforts and commitment to maintain our high standards.  The purpose of regular inspections is to provide information for parents, teachers, senior managers and the school’s management on the overall effectiveness of the school, the standard of education it provides and its compatibility with independent schools in the United Kingdom and around the world.


“Pupils are considerate and well-mannered. A real strength of the school is the attitudes of the pupils towards each other and their thoughtful approach, especially towards pupils with significantly different needs. The pupils demonstrate tolerance and equality in lessons, in their play, and as they move around school. Every pupil is accepted and enabled to participate.”

– PENTA Inspection Report 2022


The inspection and report covers the key areas of quality of teaching and assessment, the curriculum; quality of standards reached by students; the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students; their welfare, health and safety; the suitability of the proprietor and staff; the school’s premises; and the school’s complaints procedures. 

We are very proud of this report and will share with you extracts over the coming weeks to celebrate all of the hard work by our community in achieving this incredible outcome.


“The school has inclusion and diversity and ‘a shared love of learning’ at the centre of its vision and mission. This is evident across the curriculum, in schemes of work, planning, progression, and delivery. The school prides itself on providing an empowering and nurturing curriculum, so that all pupils have every opportunity to learn and thrive.”


– PENTA Inspection Report 2022

What the school does well

There are many strengths across the school, including the following:


Check   the school’s ethos, vision and values that are embedded and promoted in every action the school takes

Check   the board of governors, the director and head teacher have a deep and accurate understanding of the school’s strengths and areas

Check   for improvement which they are using to plan and improve the school further

Check   a rich curriculum supported by a wealth of resources and teaching aids

Check   consistently good and often excellent teaching across the school

Check   creative and inspirational use of the school’s accommodation and outdoor areas

Check   the provision for pupils with special and unique needs

Check   pupils who flourish, fulfil their potential, enjoy their education, and develop their personal qualities to the full

Check   highly effective communication at all levels

Check   an empowered staff team, who value their role and make a positive difference to pupils and their families

Check   the best interests of the pupils are at the heart of everything that this school chooses to do

Check   a positive and nurturing environment that enables all pupils to enjoy school

Check   the director and headteacher are a very strong team who have made an outstanding contribution to the school’s success.



Points for development

Development points for the school to consider:


Up arrow  further embed and promote the inclusive and nurturing aspect of the school’s provision as the school moves to its’ new site

Up arrow  manage the change of leadership effectively, so that there is no decline in outcomes for pupils

Up arrow  retain the unique ethos as the school grows and develops



“It is an absolute honour and a privilege to work at such an amazing school.  Achieving ‘Outstanding’ in our most recent inspection gives our students, staff and parents something to be very proud of.  Something our special community truly deserves.” 

Paul Walton, Principal



Quotes Gallery from the PENTA Inspection Report 2022:

We will include further details regarding the categories in the report in upcoming articles to all of our community.  We are very proud of this report and the progress we have made as a school.


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