Checkpoint Examinations

Checkpoint Examinations by Miss Stephanie

Students have been at school for 137 school days. This is how long the Year 6 and 9 students have talked about, thought about, studied for and prepared for the Cambridge Checkpoint examinations.


Checkpoint tests are external assessment tests that are marked by Cambridge examiners. The aim of checkpoint tests is to: provide a cumulative measure of performance at the end of the primary learning phase. identify students’ strengths and areas to improve from test-result analysis.

– British Council


This has been an important process for the students to go through, as these assessments are fully aligned with the Cambridge curriculum that has been adopted throughout the school, and act as a check for the next stage of learning. Students will receive a report around their areas of strength and where to focus for their improvement, as they move to the next Key stage. From these reports, teachers will be able to build upon the areas highlighted in the following year. It also provides vital examinations practise knowing that they will sit IGCSE examinations in Year 11.




To begin with, students in Year 6 and 9 completed their mock examinations to practise the format and their approach to the entire process. This was invaluable, and meant that the students felt far more at ease and fully equipped for the real examinations during the week beginning April 21st.


The Cambridge Checkpoint Examinations have been a significant milestone for our students as they move through the school on their pathway to IGCSE, A and A2 level examinations. This first experience of formal examinations has been incredibly beneficial for our students to demonstrate their outstanding academic performance. As a school we continue to celebrate all students and the progress they have made from various starting points.

– Dr Paul Walton, Nadeen School Principal


The teachers prepared us very well. They told us everything we needed, and we were confident with the exams.

– Ayaan – Year 6 Student


I believe that: ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.’ The week of the exams went so quickly! I felt I was ready for them.

– Rayyan – Year 9 Student


Overall, the entire week ran smoothly, and we are very proud of the Year 6 and 9 students for their hard work, dedication and commitment towards their studies. The results will be released from Cambridge by July and we look forward to issuing the reports for these at the start of the new academic year.