Bahrain Schools Eco-Summit

Bahrain Schools Eco-Summit

With the title, ‘Bahrain – Hear Our Voice’, our students were invited to meet, listen to and work alongside environmental experts working here in Bahrain and given the opportunity to learn about making a difference when we return to our own school. The speakers looked at topics ranging from Bahrain’s Journey to a sustainable future, local marine life and the impact of land reclamation, Recycling in Bahrain, and Renewable energy.  As well as these speakers, there were presentations from other schools about their progress in making their schools more sustainable. This was the first event of this kind and we know that it will not be the last.


I really loved the Eco-Summit because it was really interesting to learn about lots of different ways to make the Earth a better place.

– Jebeglo, 5BM


The Eco-Summit was a wonderful experience. We learned about many ways to help the environment, especially about recycling more and how we could stop waste.

– Minha, 6GA


The Eco-Summit was a fantastic experience for the students and teachers. It was wonderful to see how other people on the island are contributing to a sustainable environment and we look forward to participating again next year.

– Ms. Rien



Students participated in some activities throughout the day including one where they were required to select a sustainability problem that they were aware of and develop a solution by using one of the 12 principles of permaculture. One group discussed solutions for too much plastic and the principle that they based their solution on was ‘Keep It Simple!’. They also participated in a quiz about recycling and specifically recycling here in Bahrain.

At the end of the day, the symbolic baton was passed on to the next hosts for 2024. Nadeen School’s Planet Protectors are extremely keen and hopeful for this to be us in 2025 so that we can share the many ways we are promoting sustainability within our own school.


When you go to the Eco-Summit, you can hear a lot of ways to help the environment. It was a collaborative experience.

– Zaeem, 5KT


The Eco-Summit was educational and fun all the at the same time.

– Yara, 5BM


It’s given us lots of food for thought about more ways we can further support our environment, especially from our upcoming new campus. The Summit provided some very informative presentations from companies and groups around Bahrain who we look forward to working with at our new campus.

– Ms. Kate