A Day in the Life of Secondary at Nadeen School

A Day in the Life of Secondary at Nadeen School by Miss Stephanie

It is 7:30 a.m. and you can often hear different types of Music flowing out of the classrooms in the Secondary corridor. The teachers are in their rooms with the projectors on, eagerly awaiting their students who slowly begin to arrive. They head to their lockers to drop their bags off and organise their books for the morning’s lessons. Students are greeted warmly by their teachers and immediately engage in morning activities before heading off to lessons for the day!

Students come together with their friends from across the classes during breaks and are enjoying the space to be able to run around outside or kick a football around on the 5 a side football pitch. During lessons, students have a safe space to be risk takers, motivated to work hard, and are challenged to exceed their own expectations.

Down the corridors, students are often coming out of their lessons with their learning staying with them- saying things like, ‘I read so much last night’, ‘I always thought Maths was hard, but it is so easy when you understand it’, and ‘today is the best day- a double lesson of PE AND a double lesson of Art!’ Students are simply enjoying the delights of being at school each and every day.


With the new school year came a new school building, and a new era for Nadeen School having fully rolled out a rigorous KS3 provision. There are specialist staff in brand new specialist areas and students are loving all of the opportunities this brings. In addition, many more extracurricular activities are available, and soon to come more exciting trips that have never been offered in Nadeen School before! There are further leadership opportunities for secondary students to take advantage of, with Prefects, Head Boy, Head Girl, class representatives, and student ambassadors all on offer this year.

There is so much to look forward to with upcoming information sessions regarding courses for the IGCSE, however, before we look so far forward, we need to stop and consider the wonderful state of the here and now. Students are loving their new school, and learning so much each day. In Secondary, every lesson, every interaction, and every expectation takes them one step closer to the ultimate goal: To be prepared for key examinations, to be able to work under the pressure of a workload, and to have enriching experiences by gaining wider skills. All of this while maturing with the guidance of the caring and ever supportive teachers who not only focus on their academic development but also their social and emotional development equally. It is through being challenged in striving to achieve with the safety net of the warm and caring network of teachers all rallying around each and every student only wanting for them one thing: for students to put every ounce of effort into all that they do which ultimately leads them down the road to success.

We look forward to the year ahead in Secondary at Nadeen School! It has indeed been a very positive start.