Year 5 and 6 Ecoventure Trip: November 2023

Year 5 and 6 Ecoventure Trip: November 2023 by The Nadeen Team at Ecoventure

Nadeen School recently embarked on a thrilling 5-day Ecoventure trip in Dubai, filled with an array of exciting outdoor activities and water adventures. The students had the opportunity to indulge in kayaking, canoeing, wall climbing, the leap of faith, archery, and the catwalk aerial challenge, among other exhilarating pursuits. The trip also involved houseboat sailing, problem-solving games and riddles, nighttime activities, swimming, and even some free time for the students to unwind and explore the site. Coupled with a thrilling offsite adventure to the Dreamworld Aqua Park.


It’s very good because you get to experience lots of activities you have never tried before

Saif, Year 6


The students flew from Bahrain to Dubai early on Sunday morning and were accompanied by dedicated staff from the school and Ecoventure, this trip was an unforgettable experience for the students.


I’ve never seen children adapt so quickly to the challenges of outdoor life

Mr Gerry


From the moment the students touched down in Dubai, they were immersed in a world of thrilling outdoor activities. This trip aimed to provide a unique learning experience, combining physical challenges with problem-solving activities. Each day was carefully planned to introduce the students to a different adventure, encouraging teamwork, resilience, and personal growth.


All these activities seemed scary but they are never too hard to try, therefore working to conquer your fears – that’s what I loved about Ecoventure!

Yusuf, Year 6


Water activities formed a significant part of the Ecoventure trip. The students eagerly grabbed their kayaks and canoes, navigating through the calm waters, and taking in the scenic beauty around them. These activities not only provided an adrenaline rush but also enhanced their coordination and balance skills. Wall climbing proved to be another highlight, as students conquered their fears and reached new heights. The leap of faith challenged students to step outside their comfort zones and trust in their abilities, fostering self-belief and confidence.


Nature has a way of bringing out the best in these kids.

Miss Karlien outlined



In addition to these physically demanding activities, the Ecoventure trip also included problem-solving games and riddles. These mental challenges tested the students’ problem-solving skills and encouraged them to think critically. Working together as a team, they developed innovative strategies to overcome obstacles and complete various tasks. Such activities not only sharpened their minds but also emphasised the importance of collaboration and effective communication.


I can do anything and face my fears I even taught my friend to face her fears!

Venisha,, Year 6


Night-time activities added an extra element of excitement to the Ecoventure trip. Under the starry Dubai skies, students engaged in various engaging and memorable experiences. From campfires to stargazing sessions, these activities allowed students to appreciate the beauty of nature and connect with their surroundings. It was during these nighttime activities that lifelong friendships were formed, as students shared laughs and stories, creating memories that would last a lifetime.


These kids are like little explorers with boundless energy. They dive headfirst into every activity and embrace the outdoors with pure enthusiasm.

Miss Hannah remarked



Swimming and free time provided the perfect balance between structured activities and relaxation during this trip. The students had the freedom to unwind and enjoy the park facilities at their own pace. Whether it was splashing around in the pools or navigating the swings, slides, and Jungle Gyms! These moments of leisure allowed students to recharge and enjoy their surroundings. Mr Ben also spoke of the freedom of wide-open spaces, where their spirits soar, and they become their truest selves.


They arrive as young semi-city-dwellers and leave as confident adventurers, ready to conquer any obstacle.

Miss Agnes outlined



Throughout the entire trip, the dedicated staff from Nadeen and the Ecoventure Team ensured the students’ safety and comfort. From organising fire drills to providing guidance and support during each activity, the staff played an instrumental role in making this adventure possible. Their presence not only provided a sense of security but also offered mentorship and guidance, enabling the students to maximize their learning and growth opportunities.


Canoeing to the basketball was fun and we had to reach the ball and earn points. I learned that it was really important to work as a team. And in the end they capsized our boat. It was super fun!

Aisha, Year 5


The 5-day Ecoventure trip in Dubai was truly a transformative experience for the students of Nadeen School. Through a careful balance of physical challenges, problem-solving activities, night-time adventures, and free time, the trip offered a holistic learning experience. The students built resilience, developed essential life skills, and fostered lifelong friendships. This remarkable venture will undoubtedly be cherished by all those who were fortunate enough to be a part of it.


Outdoor adventure holidays are a crash course in teamwork, camaraderie, and negotiation skills. These kids become experts in compromising over who gets the top bunk!

Miss Jade commented


Read more about what our students shared about their Ecoventure adventure below:


Canoeing was my favourite because we got to play a game which made me feel happy and excited to play it. I learned how to canoe properly and I loved making new friends.

Mia, Year 5


I loved the water park because the slides were shocking and exciting in equal amounts this taught me that surprises are in everyday life.

Leila, Year 6


My favourite part was the water park. It was my first time and initially I was a little scared, but it showed me that I can go beyond what I think I can!

Oliver , Year 6


I loved the waterpark, but at first I was nervous about going on this big slide, which people said was the biggest slide there. When Venisha and I were wandering around the waterpark, she spotted that big slide and we decided to go on it. I was a bit sceptical about it at first because I had never been on a slide that big, but with some encouragement from Venisha I went on the slide and it was super fun! Best trip ever!

Anoushka, Year 6


I loved the water park because there was the ‘toilet bowl ride’ where you slide down and you end up in 2.5 meters of water. It actually was a bit scary because it was so deep but I faced my fears!

Kaitlyn ,Year 6