Y7 Karting at Bahrain International Circuit

Year 7 Karting!


The Year 7 children had a thrilling morning karting at Bahrain International Circuit today. With the recent Formula 1 event still fresh in everybody’s minds, it was time for the Year 7 children to demonstrate their inner-Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen. The purpose of the visit was to experience one of the region’s premier events. Delivery from the team at the BIC was in Arabic and English. Our Arabic students were on-hand to translate when necessary.

Before the action on the track, the children took part in some team building exercises. These started with one on one games and moved on to carrying out activities where the children had to rely on one another’s balance, coordination and communication skills to achieve their goals. One fault in the team or failure to contribute meant the team’s hard work fell apart. Focus and concentration were key!
Once these activities were completed. It was time to put on driving overalls, balaclavas, gloves and helmets ahead of the pre-Karting briefing. Staff from the BIC guided the children through how to operate and control the karts, as well as making them aware of all of the safety procedures in place should there be any accidents, if karts stopped or if there was any need to stop the action.
Following the briefing, the children were directed to their karts, where they waited in anticipation for the action to start. The children took a slow lap to familiarise themselves with the track, where overtaking was prohibited as they got used to handing the karts. Once this was done, pressure was applied to the accelerators and they were off! Some of the children moved gingerly around the track whereas others hurtled through the chicanes and straights at what felt and looked like great speed.
A thoroughly good time was had by all and I think we may now have some children at the top end of the school with dreams of life as an F1 superstar.
A big thank you to Ms Kawther for organising such a great trip, and to Ms Suzie and Mr Ben for all their help.