Y4 Gulf Aviation Academy trip – A student’s view.

Y4 Gulf Aviation Academy Trip – A student’s view.


Year 4 recently had the chance to visit the Gulf Aviation Academy. This trip was inspired by our students who had been keenly participating in break time paper aeroplane competitions, with designs of increasing complexity. What better than to take them to see the real thing! At Nadeen, we look for every opportunity for our students to experience beyond the school grounds. So far this year, there have been trips to the theatre, farms, museums and science workshops throughout the Key Stages. There has also been a residential trip for older students.


School visits have numerous benefits for students including: experiencing real world applications for their learning, learning from specialists/experts in the field and having the opportunity to use resources or artifacts not available in the classroom. Social skills are also developed through meeting new people and learning in a new environment. 


Below, our Year 4 students share their views on school trips:


The best thing about this trip…

We got to see the cockpit! Alex

We got to experience what it felt like to slide down an emergency slide and fight a fire inside a model aircraft. Leo

We slid down an emergency slide and experienced being in an airplane model. Deeba

I got to experience what it felt like to evacuate a plane (A320NEO). Shay


Something new I learnt:

Where to find the model number of the plane on the safety information card. Alex

Where the cabin crew rest during a flight. They take short breaks and relax inside a small box called a mobile crew rest. Leo

I learned what GAA stands for and the history of aviation as well as the companies who build and sell planes and engines for them. Deeba

If you put a door on EMERGENCY mode it will open automatically. Shay


Something I saw or did which I wouldn’t be able to experience from online or book based learning:

We got to put out a fire! Alex

We evacuated a model aeroplane and received a safety briefing on board. Leo

Seeing a real cockpit and putting out a real fire. Deeba & Shay


Why I like school trips:

They are fun and interesting Alex & Shay

Because you get to travel with your class and teacher to learn things that are exciting and interesting. Leo

I like school trips because we can learn things that we can’t do on our own, and ask people and feel or hold things we can’t in everyday life. Deeba